Flop: VMAs Ratings Drop Significantly Despite Controversial Moments

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night on social media, the VMAs were all folks were tweeting about.

And it makes sense considering Nicki Minaj beefed with Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift over the awards show, and Kanye West received the Vanguard Award.

While Kanye’s speech was talked about plenty on social media, as well as Nicki and Miley’s awkward showdown, the ratings are in and the show suffered a pretty big drop from last year.

Spin Magazine writes:

Despite a saucy choice of host, a surprise presidential announcement and the settling/starting of beefs, ratings for the 2105 MTV Video Music Awards were down from the previous year, though all that excitement led to record-breaking Twitter engagement.

According to Nielsen stats, drew in 9.8 million total viewers across all the various Viacom networks it was broadcast on, compared to 10.3 million views last year, Deadline Hollywood reports.


Apparently the awards show got plenty of tweets but the ratings still dipped from last year despite being aired on more Viacom owned networks.

Ratings haven’t been this low since 2009. Ouch.


  1. Sh-t they had the Kardashians in the front row like they are real celebrities. Of course this sh-t flopped.

    1. Chile I cracked up when I saw they had Kylie and Tyga in the front like they are some power couple. MTV has lost it. I’m glad I watched FTWD instead.

    2. When they announced Kanye was getting the Vanguard, I knew it would flop. Quiet as it’s kept, people ain’t checking for Ye like that no more. He’s a Kardashian now and his brand will never recover.

  2. I never watch the VMA’s only reason I watched last year was because of Beyonce no Beyonce this year no rating from my house.

  3. They didn’t have any good performers this year and Miley hosted. That let me know there was no need to watch. I’m also tired of the Kardashians so there was no point for me.

    1. It’s a joke to him. All he cares about now is attention whoring. But attention whoring doesn’t help album sales.

  4. I mean what was the incentive to watch this year? Kanye hasn’t been about the music for a while now. He’s really just another Kardashian now, so all he wanted to do was be controversial and get attention. Miley is also another person who will do anything for attention and doesn’t care much about the art itself. Taylor is not a strong performer. I can go on. There were no real performers there so people tuned out this year.

  5. Dang I thought they would get even more ratings since it was on damn near every channel this year. So you put it on the like 50 networks and the ratings still drop? That’s embarrassing.

  6. It’s funny because they really thought all those publicity stunts would help the ratings. People are tired of the stunts.

  7. That’s a big drop. Well times have changed. People have so many options for entertainment now so award shows will all struggle from now on. That’s why they need to change up the format and stop acting like these white artists are all that’s out here.

  8. The VMAs have become a joke now. Last year was great because Bey got the Vanguard and she actually performed, we saw Jay and Blue Ivy present to her. It was a touching moment. But we went from that to Taylor Swift presenting to Kanye, he didn’t perform and just wanted to rant about nothing, and the Kardashians were all up in through the venue (Kylie even presented). It was just too trashy and boring this year. And Taylor won every award like we knew she would. So why even watch?

  9. There’s no need to watch when it was nothing but cornballs there. I got my laughs from the memes and took my butt to bed. LMBO.

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