Ciara Stirs up Wedding Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara’s romance with Russell Wilson is going so well that some sources are claiming the couple is already thinking about tying the knot.

Some sites have even suggested the couple applied for a marriage license recently, and with their vow to uphold celibacy, marriage could seem even more attractive.

Interestingly enough, Ciara accidentally gave life to the rumors when she slipped up and told Access Hollywood that she would invite them to their wedding. Then she quickly corrected herself and said she’s only putting it in the universe.

Check out the video below:

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  1. I called it from the start. Russell is about his business. He likes the concept of marriage and unlike Future’s trash a-s he actually doesn’t believe in taking so long to commit. They will get married. Mark my words.

  2. And the PR relationship continues. I’m just now realizing that Russell is as fake and contrived as Ciara is. It’s the perfect PR relationship!

  3. I’m kinda torn about this because I’m happy for Ciara but I think it’s a little premature to be talking about wedding plans she is moving too fast once again to me that’s one of her problems in relationships. Dating is ok but they shouldn’t be getting engaged until they’ve been together at least a year in my opinion. Her and Russell need more time to build a foundation but what the hell do I know I’m still single lol.

  4. I’m glad Ciara left Future because he just bought his baby mama Brittni a new car. They are a mess and I’m glad Ciara is away from all that now. Lol!!

    1. You would think she would be tired of him embarrassing her obviously she thinks a car is worth her constant embarrassment she is so basic and materialistic.

  5. She wants marriage before she turns 30. She pushing this “relationship” hard and fast. I don’t think that was a slip up, it was something for people to talk about.

  6. I don’t understand why people continue to say they’re moving too fast. They are adults and it’s their decision. My parents were married 6 months after dating and it’ll be 25 years in 2 weeks. Granted, it doesn’t always work out that way but it is possible. If it is a PR relationship, they’ll deal with the wrath of that later.

    1. Do your parents have a past of dating people for their image and relevancy? No? Ok so they don’t really apply to this topic. Yes, Ciara is moving too fast and she does this with all her relationships and that’s why they have all ended badly. LOL.

      1. Well, it is my opinion. Instead of your rhetorical question, I’ll give you an actual answer. My mom did date and marry for validation, relevancy and money before she met my father hence why she was married twice prior to him. She may have not been famous but it’s actually the same thing. I also see your little comment below about Ciara fans; I’m not a huge Ciara fan but I understand people do dumb things and make mistakes but a certain person or situation can change it. I’m not mad because my life won’t change whether they live happily ever after or not. But this is a blog and I am entitled to my opinion.

        1. “My mom did date and marry for validation, relevancy and money before she met my father hence why she was married twice prior to him.” Girl you just agreed with me and don’t even realize it. That’s exactly what this relationship is (two people together for image and relevancy). Ciara and Russell will not last.

    2. Good point Rosie but you have to also factor in that times have changed a lot since your parents got married. Divorce rates are very high today, more so than they were when your parents got married. Then you also have to factor in that we’re talking about two celebrities here. The odds for celebrities staying married is pretty slim. Then we remember one is already a divorcee, while the other rushed into an engagement in the last relationship and well you see how that ended. I think it’s pretty fair for people to question if they’ve been together long enough to make that step given both haven’t had that much success in the past. But you’re right. It’s their lives and they can do whatever they please. But we’re still very much entitled to our opinions of course.

  7. Ciara fans on here mad because people saying she’s moving too fast in yet another one of her relationships but they still don’t buy her albums. You defend her like she’s your family but never support her work. Hilarious.

    1. Once again my question for you is why does it bother you so much that people support her you act like everybody that likes Ciara is a die hard stan. I like Ciara but she isn’t without fault like I said I do think she is moving too fast.For somebody that is a Rihanna stan you damn sure be front in center on Ciara posts and then have a problem when someone says something nice about Ciara or her relationship. Just say I don’t like Ciara because she came for Rihanna and leave it at that.

      1. But y’all don’t really like her. Y’all just like the relationship she’s in now even though it’s fake. LOL.

        1. I do like Ciara regardless if she is in a relationship or not I just said she isn’t without fault meaning she isn’t perfect. But once again you refuse to answer my question why does it bother you so much that people like her or her relationship or whatever. What I can’t understand about you is you claim she is using the relationship for PR purposes if so you are helping her by commenting everytime you see a Ciara article. Hell she the dealer you the junkie because you feed off of her being in the blogs but your continuous comments is giving her exactly what you claim she wants.

          1. I told y’all I just flat out don’t like Ciara. She’s very fake and calculated and likes to pretend she’s some nice girl when she’s really not. Y’all wouldn’t have a problem with me if I came on here and praised her for being with Russell like y’all do on all her posts now. But let’s be real..yall were going in on her when she was with Future, so my comments didn’t stick out like a sore thumb back then. Now it’s a different story and y’all have an issue with me. LOL.

          1. If I’m a junkie for commenting on Ciara posts, then what does that make you for constantly commenting on my posts? LOL.

          2. @My Fave Ends Careers Ciara will continue to be happy while you stalk her on UB. Get a life and go stalk Rihanna for that album that keeps getting pushed back. Ain’t that what a good stan is supposed to do? How is Rihanna your fave and she can’t even hold your attention?

          3. Anonymous Oh I’m a good stan. I actually buy Rihanna’s singles and albums. Ciara wishes she had that. LOL. Anyway, I don’t know why y’all are so mad at me. I have no beef with any of you. Just don’t expect me to switch up all of a sudden and be Team Ciara because I don’t do her and never did.

  8. Experience is the best teacher, and it’s likely that having a bad thing helps you recognize, appreciate, and hold on to the good things more quickly. Whether moving too fast or too slow, the intended outcome won’t change – either they’ll work or they won’t. I wish them the best.

  9. Future was right. He was willing to marry her ,but she wanted that E kardashian style wedding and he was not with it. No here she goes again trying to do the same thing to Russell. she will do anything to stay before the camera

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