Erica Dixon Calls out LHHATL Producers + Bambi Writes an Open Letter

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Now that season four of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” has officially come to an end, folks are still discussing the last half of the reunion.

The big debate on social media right now is who’s right and who’s wrong in the Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon child support battle, but Erica seems to think the editing may have been in Scrappy’s favor last night.

During the show, she tweeted the following (read from bottom to top):

erica dixon twitter

Bambi decided to pen an open letter about the situation to Instagram after the last part of the reunion ended:

bambi instagram


  1. I wish Bambi would back up and let Scrappy fight his own battles. If it ain’t Mama Dee enabling this man, it’s her doing it.

    1. Scrappy is so used to women enabling him that when finally doesn’t, it makes him throw a temper tantrum. He’s just not used to a woman demanding he mans up. *giggles*

    2. It is called having her mans back, damn! thats why he is with her so he dont have to fight the battles alone! READ ERICA HER RIGHTS

      1. Girl I bet you’re either Bambi or just like her all up in your man’s business when it has nothing to do with you. Until you get a ring, you need to sit your a-s down somewhere and let your man be a man.

          1. Lmao Bambi both you and Erica have the same relationship status. So you mean I’m just as single as Erica and Bambi who are both dating someone but not married? Actually, no. I’m married. I just don’t like to defend bum dudes because trash doesn’t deserve defending.

    1. That’s why she can get the hell on with this ish. She’s really trying her hardest to make this about her and she ain’t got nothing to do with it.

  2. But Erica and Scrappy still smash from time to time. If a man is showing that he can’t do sh#t for my child, then he damn sure can’t get these draws again. Bambi knows they still hook up too. Smh. That’s why…you know what? This comment wasn’t even worth it.


      1. Bambi don’t nobody want Scrappy boo. Erica has an actual man with money now. She just wants your washed up boo to pay what he owes.

          1. Bambi you’re just mad Erica was able to get a real baller and you’re stuck with Scrappy Doo. I bet you would pay to be in her shoes too.

  3. I just find it hilarious how she’s trying to call Erica an attention whore when she’s been doing the same thing longer than Erica has. This is Bambi’s second reality show.

      1. And that’s what makes Bambi a hypocrite. She’s been getting with men for a paychecks for a good minute now. LOL.

      2. Bambi got some f-cked up bucktoothed teeth but she wasn’t on Flavor of Love. That was Shay’s bucktoothed a-s. You got the wrong bucktoothed bird Tea.


      1. Bambi she’s not on your team. She’s saying you’re doing the most all because Erica just wants him to pay child support. Are you drunk?

  4. Bambi really needs to just stfu… like b wtf r u to be penning anything? Mind your business.. get a life nd be goTDamm quiet!

  5. Scrappy is still a little boy. He talks to Erica any kind of way and allows Bambi to do the same like Erica isn’t the mother of his child. And getting all up in her face because she asked you to pay child support? Yeah, you’re not a real man dude. Grow up.

    1. No Erica is not a real woman! All that because he doesnt want to take care of you! because thats why she wants the money not for her child but for her

      1. Bambi you can’t say too much about Erica when you’ve been f-cking for a paycheck. Flavor of Love, Malaysia, Benzino/Kirk and now Scrappy. You’ve had how many people take care of you for the last few years now? Again, all your man has to do is pay child support. Why are you so mad?

  6. This is damage control because she knows she looked bad last night. I’m so over Bambi and her antics I don’t understand why she can’t get it through her head it’s not her place to be speaking about this situation but she doesn’t care because she wants to stay relevant. I believe Erica because she is the ONLY one who hasn’t been caught in a lie Scrappy admitted to lying before on Erica whose to say he isn’t lying now. When Erica called out Bambi and said she was texting Scrappy when they were together Bambi said that was a lie but she just admitted it in the letter so she a liar too.

    1. she does have a right to speak especially when erica keeps speaking on her and putting her in it! Plus she is very relevant to the child! Because if you dont like her so much why you continue to have the child around! be lucky and grateful that he has someone who really loves your child

      1. Erica isn’t putting you in anything Bambi. Even at the reunion, you injected yourself into because you’d have no camera time or role if you didn’t. I mean literally you were quiet the whole time and no one thought about you and then you decided to get cute when Erica started talking. You really owe Erica a cut of you check since she’s the only reason you were even invited to the reunion this year.

          1. Bambi girl you gotta stop lying all the time. Erica didn’t say anything to you at the reunion. When asked about you, she said it’s about Scrappy and you’re irrelevant to their child support problems. And that’s when you made it all about yourself like you’ve been doing the whole season. You are not Emani. You don’t matter, got it?

    1. More like Team bum bird who f-cks for paychecks. Bambi’s record thus far: Malaysia, Flavor Flav, Kirk/Benzino. and Scrappy.

  7. Bamboo was completely wrong. She is over stepping her boundaries. To say you be signing his checks. That was disgusting. Scrappy should be ashamed to let any woman state that she is in charge of signing his checks . The money is for your daughter. You tried to make a point across about being a good father. Being a father is also about being a great provider. That should have never angered him.Bamboo is mad that he has to provide for his daughter. She wants it all to be about her. At the end of the of the day you laid in that bed with Erica and made that beautiful baby. At some point Erica and Emani were your world and you would have given them the world. And now because you met some thirst bucket who obviously doesn’t care about the best interest of your child steps in and gave you some nana, sh-t changed. Remember you share a connection with Erica forever no matter what she pushed apart of you into the world, and loves that part of you unconditionally forever. Every time she kisses your daughter hugs your daughter that’s apart of you she is loving. So stop treating her like she worthless and show her that you respect her for all that she does. And think about this bamboo is out to stick her claws in something, and she is tearing your family apart. And don’t act like she wasn’t flirty with that dude in that video. The whole world saw what she said and did. Now that woman doesn’t respect you.

    1. Why is everyone so mad at Bambi; why cant he find happiness; yes, he does have a wonderful child with Erica but that is it; they once loved each other but that relationship was toxic on bothj parts, once they broke up that didnt mean that he still has to take care of the mother especially if the mother is making good money, his only obligation is to take care of his daughter. Why are so many woman gun hold on the baby daddy taking care of them when, scrappy dont have to pay that money back as yall can see. Erica is an angry bitter baby mama that is doing whatever she can to drive a wedge in between him and his child all because she cant get what she want out of him. She making good money why she want liitle scrappy money when his daughter is old enough to call her daddy and ask her daddy for the things she need and I KNOW he will give it to her! If I was Bambi I would clap back at Erica to! I like erica until last reunion when she tried to put scrappy on blast in front of Bambi but it backfired on her because he is really not messing with her and also the whole child support thing; It is a difference between needing the money and needing the money just to make scrappy hurt; she is hurting because she cant have him and she is going about the wrong way! Erica Karma is crazy!

      1. And this is why people don’t like you Bambi. You just said out of your own mouth that because Erica has her own money, Lil Scrappy doesn’t need to pay child support. Let me get this straight. Employed black women should not ask for child support and should instead financially provide for the child themselves while the father just pays for things here and there like sneakers. Oh and according to you and your ilk, a black woman asking for child support just wants a man to pay for her lifestyle. Yes, that makes so much sense! I swear only naive black women have this mentality. Then 20 years down the line when your kids get grown, you’ll become the bitter baby mama you’re trying to make fun of on here because you realize that a child has two parents and you should have never been ok with letting a man skimp out of his fatherly duties. Erica ain’t out here asking for 15,000 a month. She even asked him to pay Emani’s $300 insurance if he didn’t want to pay child support, and he wouldn’t do that either. But you’re ok with that Bambi because you’re silly enough to think he won’t do it to you when you become his baby mama (which you will because it’s not like you yourself haven’t made a career out of using people mainly men). I weep for the black community. Too much ignorance.

      2. Why are you so pressed about people not liking Bambi? She just isn’t likable for some. Bambi came on this show by flirting and sitting in a hot tub with Benzino and Kirk – a married man. She’s not some saint. She’s clearly an opportunist and that whole “I balance his checkbook, so ask me to write the check” comment to Erica was tacky and birdish. Also, Momma Dee already said Scrappy really did meet Erica at a hotel and ate her out. So there’s that. And people don’t have to cape for Scrappy either because his ex Diamond already spilled his tea. He’s very bad with money and him and Momma Dee used up her credit cards and now she has bad credit becasue he refuses to pay the bills he racked up. He did the same thing to Shay too. So why are we supposed to believe that he’s actually out here taking care of Emani financially when his track record with money thus far has been terrible? And no, I’m not going to sit here and cosign him cursing out Erica and calling her every name in the book because when he was trying to get a record deal, she was the one working a job and dropping him off at the studio when he didn’t have a car. Bambi wasn’t. Scrappy is a douche bag who has a terrible record of screwing over all the women he dates eventually. Bambi will be next.

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