Soap Actress Comes for Viola Davis’ Emmys Speech

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Well that didn’t take long.

Last night Viola Davis made history with her Emmys win by becoming the first African-American to win Outstanding Lead Actress in A Drama Series.

But it’s her speech that had everyone talking.

While many took to social media and called it powerful and inspiring, soap actress Nancy Lee Grahn actually got in her feelings because she’s salty Viola brought up how difficult it is for women of color to prevail in the industry.

Read the tweets from bottom to top:

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viola hater

And just in case you missed it, you can watch Viola’s speech below:


  1. There’s always one dumba-s who just can’t see the bigger picture because they can’t get over themselves for one f-cking second for once in their life. Meanwhile, Viola made her win about every woman of color. F-ck white tears.

    1. She doesn’t matter. Her stupid a-s been acting like 40 years and still no one knows who she is. Meanwhile bae just got an emmy. Let her seethe.

  2. See also kept tweeting she can’t be racist because she votes Democrat. It goes to show you white liberals can be racist and more harmful than conservatives. They just hide it better.

  3. I think she was mad about Viola even before she won the award. She seems real self entitled like she can’t fathom a black woman doing this well. And considering there’s only like 2 or 3 black people on her show, she’s the last one to try to pretend there isn’t a diversity issue in Hollywood.

  4. First of all congratulations to Viola Davis well deserved! But this lady response doesn’t surprise me at all as sad as it is. Some white women are all for women equality until it comes to black women. This same lady praised Patricia Arquette for her speech on equality for women at the Oscars but she slams Viola Davis for speaking on facts about women of color.

    1. Privilege. She has the privilege to not see color, discrimination, limited opportunities… Her white guilt is what drives her to vote democratic or “advocate for ‘their’ rights.” But those inner feelings always come out

  5. This woman is so blind to the facts….It is 2015, and what Viola Davis said still needed to be said in order to educate those who think that what she does is always glamorous and easy. Viola Davis may be in a privileged position, but white privilege it is not. This woman responded and states that she is trending, but most of us still have not one clue who you are. Guess why?? It’s a million of yall white “soap” actresses. But there is only one Viola Davis. One Taraji. One Kerry. One Gabrielle. One Meghan. Get over yourself, and try not to trip over your privilege as you do so. It’s all over the place.

  6. White people don’t like us to talk about race because they know their whole history hasn’t been kind to any race but their own.

  7. I could barely understand the points she attempted to make, as her tweets were very poorly written. However, the one thing I do appreciate about all the crap she typed is that she admitted to being envious of Viola’s success. I firmly believe that most rants such as these come from a place of jealousy. It’s not until our resilience is acknowledged and/or celebrated that all of a sudden “all lives matter” or “all female actors” have a hard time in the industry and should be included. Nobody wants to be our equal until it’s convenient.

  8. Sadly y’all this is pretty much what white feminism is in a nutshell. They don’t care about black women and our struggles at all and deep down inside, they hate us. This woman should delete her Twitter because she exposed herself for the racist she is.

  9. What kind of foolishness is this? Viola is the first black person to ever win that award and this idiot can’t understand there’s a diversity problem on TV and in films? Really? REALLY?

  10. Who the fck is this bish???? She barely made sense beyond the obvious point of her hating. she is seriously ignorant of she believes that’s Black people are just handed awards and accolades w/o hard work….smh Blacks still have to play a Criminal, Gay or be Naked in order to win an Academy award…..this bish just sux..:.and she needs to face it……

  11. Im happy she said this…people deny the privilege and entitlment of white women & this is the eye opener some folks needed to understand. Thank you woman i do not know….

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