Azealia Banks Accused of Getting Violent on Airplane

Azealia is catching a lot of flak for using homophobic slurs, but her defense for doing so is rather interesting.

She actually told her followers on Twitter that she can’t be homophobic because she’s bisexual and her brother is trans.

Peep the tweets:

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    1. That’s the equivalent of a white person saying, “I’m not rascist, my best friend is black.” I’m so sick of this troll.

  1. I just wish she would get some kind of therapy. I applauded her fearlessness at first, but now it’s so transparent something is off with her.

  2. Who knows if he hit her first or not but what we do know is Azealia is always in some mess. It’s hard to defend her now.

  3. This b-tch just won’t sit her a-s down somewhere. And she wants black people to ride with her when she has said some f-cked sh-t about us. F-ck her. Let her fight her own battles.

  4. I don’t get why she was rushing to run off the plane in the first place did she have to take a shyt??. If she would’ve just waited patiently like an ADULT I do believe all that extra shyt would’ve been avoided

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