Miss Lawrence Calls out Ladies of RHOA

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” found immediate success in its first season since the reality show originally focused on showcasing black women married and living the affluent lifestyle, but all the peach holders were also appealing because of their circle of friends too.

And since season one, many of the housewives have had gay besties, and some of them have even stolen the show and created their own fan bases and careers outside of RHOA.

However, everything may not have been as great as it seemed.

Click next to see what Miss Lawrence really thinks about his time on RHOA.

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  1. I thought he was legitimate friends with Sheree. I did find it weird how he was filming with Kenya all of a sudden. So is he talking about her?

    1. How? Kenya and Brandon have been close friends for years. And Kenya isn’t the one out here calling gay men queens. That would be your fave Nene!

    1. Cosign. They use them for funny commentary and Miss Lawrence and etc. use Nene and etc. for a chance to get on TV. I will say Miss Lawrence was smart enough to get out in time and start using his connections to get bigger opportunities.

  2. I agree with him and it’s offensive to sit and watch people take our slang and wear it out!!!!!! Meanwhile these same people are anti-gay.

    1. I think he really did leave on his own. Remember he did have that fashion show. He probably didn’t think he needed RHOA anymore but then his show got cancelled.

  3. I’m learning people don’t mind exploiting themselves but have a problem when someone else exploits them. It’s so weird.

  4. Well he agreed to be exploited so don’t complain now that you are on to other things. If he was never on RHOA, he probably would never have been on Fashion Queens nor Empire. You reaped the benefits then complain.smh

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