Justin Bieber Shades Usher?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Usher has quite the resume when it comes to his music career, and over the years he’s racked up the accomplishments and accolades.

Outside of his own music, he’s benefited well from developing Justin Bieber’s music career too.

However, Justin doesn’t like to give Usher too much credit for his rise to fame.

He threw some shade in a deposition once before and insisted Usher didn’t discover him and he feels YouTube and his own doing is why he became a big star.

Now he’s even shading Usher a little bit in his interviews.

Click next to find out what Justin had to say about Usher’s latest musical direction.

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  1. I wish this little racist piece of sh-t would just shut the f-ck up. He’s always been a prick but he used to hide it better.

    1. LOL I came on here to point that out. That’s why you don’t go out your way to defend people who wouldn’t defend you.

  2. But has Justin had anywhere close to the career Usher has? Umm no and he never will. He can throw his little shade but Usher’s catalogue tops his.

  3. He needs to shut the hell up and pay homage because Usher has more talent in his toe than Justin will ever have. Secondly nobody was checking for him until Usher cosigned him his manager Scooter Braun even said that. See this is what happens when arrogant talentless people become huge stars they lose all humility even to those they owe their entire career to.

  4. I knew Bieber’s whole I have changed image was bs. As soon as he got another hit, he’s right back to being a douche.

  5. He sounds insecure. It’s probably infuriating to know your mentor will always be better and more talented than you.

  6. I’ve never heard a Justin Bieber song besides his annoying a-s first single. I’m going to keep it that way.

  7. Dammit I wished his career woulda faded into dust after those videos of him singing n*gger caroles came to light.

  8. I can’t be mad at Justin because Usher is the one who keeps taking up for him. This needs to be a wake up call.

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