Actor Lance Gross Gets Slammed

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose threw her first ever Slut Walk over the weekend, and although the event was a huge success and had a major turnout, not everyone felt the event was for a worthy cause.

In fact, a lot of men and women took to social media to vent frustrations about the slut walk, and some just feel as if women need to “dress and act a certain way” to earn respect from men.

Social media comedian Lil Duval even took to his Instagram and Twitter accounts to vent about the event several times, and it wasn’t pretty.

But it’s the co-signer he received that shocked a lot of people.

Click next to find out what actor Lance Gross had to say about Amber Rose’s movement.

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  1. I’m not really surprised. A lot of men were in their little feelings about the slut walk. If women don’t act the way men want us to, they lose their minds.

  2. These men really kill me if you don’t agree with Amber is doing that’s your right even I agree with Amber to a certain extent. But why do they have to talk down her and what she is trying to do if you don’t agree don’t say anything. This just blows my mind these men got so many opinions on what women are doing where were these opinions when Tyga was around here dating a minor. Or where was the outrage when Jason Lee threw that drink in Hazel face. So easy to attack what a woman is doing.

  3. Lil duval has always been an idiot. I have no idea why I thought lance had sense. “Earn respect from men” if you believe in that phrase you’re part of the problem.

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