Wale Dating ‘Empire’ Actress?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wale is pretty vocal about multiple issues on his social media accounts, but he stays pretty mum when it comes to his love life.

As with any rapper, there’s been rumors about who he’s dating but not much has been confirmed ever by the DC native.

But now sources are reporting Wale may be dating an “Empire” actress.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Wale is allegedly dating Serayah. She plays Hakeem’s former love interest and singer Tiana Brown on the hit show.

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  1. Ain’t she Taylor Swift’s token black friend? I also read one of her interviews and she identifies as biracial (even though both of her parents look black to me) and said in her heart she’s a brunette white woman. I hope Wale is not dating this chick.

    1. Are you serious? If all of this is true I don’t see how she’s going to be compatible with Wale. Wale is pro black and loves his people. She sounds like a lost soul.

    1. Yeah I kinda feel a lil jealous too just like I was feelin a ways about Usher gettin married. Then when Trey was snatched up but I felt real good when he got thrown back to sea…..i feel a ways about My imaginary hubby Idris too but as long as he doesn’t get married I can easily imagine he’s still single lmao

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