Ciara Responds to Salty Seahawks Fans

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara is catching some flak for her public romance with Russell Wilson, and her former fiance Future has slammed the relationship several times in interviews.

Future’s beef with the relationship is he doesn’t like the fact that Baby Future spends so much time with Russell and he thinks Ciara moved too fast as far as bringing the child around the NFL star.

But Future isn’t the only one who has an issue with the relationship.

Some Seattle Seahawks fans aren’t happy about the relationship either and they even made an online petition denouncing it.

Then some fans even felt like Ciara was a curse to Russell’s career up until the Seahawks got their first win of the season.

So what does Ciara have to say about fans who aren’t happy about the union? Click here to find out.

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  1. She didn’t even have to address this because anybody that knows football knows why the Seahawks are messing up. The offensive coordinator is terrible the offensive line can’t protect Russell. And I ain’t trusted Pete Carroll since that bad call at the SB.

  2. This sounds good but I’m sure she feels some kind of way about all the hate she’s been getting about this relationship.

  3. Please she knows it bothers her. Typical fake answer. lol All that rambling just to say she isn’t bothered. I wish her PR person or whomever tells her what to say, teach her how to break a comment/answer down to the simple less form.

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