Serena Williams’ Rep Responds to Drake Rumors

According to Serena’s rep, Drake did not propose and they are not engaged.

The rep even claims that the twosome aren’t even a couple.

PEOPLE writes:

A rep for Williams says in a statement to PEOPLE that the pair are not engaged, adding, “They are simply longtime friends.”

And yes, they are just friends and nothing more. They’ve never dated, a source tells PEOPLE.

Drake and Williams were rumored to be romantically involved after they were spotted dining together at a Cincinnati restaurant in August. Williams was in town to play at the Western & Southern Open, where Drake was seen cheering her on from the stands.

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    1. LOL! Girl I know that’s right. And the crazy thing is we all know what’s most likely going to happen is Kylie will end up with Drake or Kendall. Kim and her fam don’t hang around black women for anything else except to gain access to what they have. And when it happens, Serena will be trying to throw shade on Twitter and the little Kardaashian stans will be in her mentions calling her bitter. How many more times does it have to happen before we get it?

  1. Bye Serena we don’t believe you. I really think she put this out because she knows it’s just a matter of time before we see Drake with another woman. She just trying to save face so when he is seen with another woman she can say they aren’t together. She needs to stop trying to be slick and stop messing with this male whore.

  2. I guess they are over again. Anyone with common sense knows they did date a few years ago. Serena was even in her feelings about it on Twitter. This seems like damage control.

  3. They ain’t dating? Well why is Serena acting all thirsty on IG and leaving comments on this dude’s account. I love Serena but she is annoying me. She’s clearly dating Drake and losing focus on her tennis career. The biggest match of your career and the night before you’re hanging with Kim K and making love faces at Drake while he’s sitting in the stands? Man I just don’t how much longer I can keep stanning.

    1. Were you upset when she was sneaking around with her married yet separated tennis coach? Serena may be a great tennis player, but she’s human and she makes mistakes in her personal life she will learn from. And that’s her right.

  4. It’s possible this was just a PR relationship and both are ready to hang it up since they no longer have anything to promote. I would think Serena is better than that though.

  5. Well they were acting like they were together so this makes me think Drake has pissed her off again. Hopefully he won’t get a third chance.

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