Moniece Slaughter Defends Teairra Mari Spitting on Princess Love

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If you’ve been watching the current season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” then you already know things are an absolute mess between Princess Love and Teairra Mari.

Now last season both hated each other and they couldn’t even be in the same room together without things getting violent, but this season Princess decided to let her guard down and attempt to befriend Ray J’s ex-girlfriend.

The problem is Teairra took the opportunity as a way to create more problems in the relationship, and now Princess has discovered Teairra’s nice girl act was just a way to cover up her ulterior motives.

So when Princess decided to confront Teairra about her shady moves, things got physical and it resulted in Teairra spitting on Princess.

While some folks took to social media to slam Teairra for taking it there, Moniece Slaughter seems to think she was right to do so.

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  1. Of course this trash a-s b-tch didn’t see a problem with a grown woman spitting on someone because she knew she couldn’t win a fist fight.

  2. T lost some major points this season. Between her spitting on Princess and stilling pressed about Ray J even though he’s clearly a bum, I just can’t defend her anymore.

    1. This! Princess struck a nerve when she called Teirra fat and a hippo that’s when all hell broke loose LOL!!.

  3. Princess got what she deserved. Now why would you trust the chick you came for last season? Who does that lmao?

    1. T looks HORRIBLE, before the season started I just knew she would have lost that weight, but damn she got even bigger! Like wtf… I thought she had a thyroid problem or something but I see she just loves food. I agree with you tho, b/c I said this on another blog lol… Princess definitely struck a nerve calling her a fat Hippo! And princess looks better so T is in her feelings for sure

    1. LOL. I think Teairra is just still hurt how Ray did her. I mean he got with Princess while he was with Teairra. She needs to let it go though. Ray is so eww anyway.

  4. Moniece doesn’t even like Princess though so of course she would say it’s ok. But let some broad spit on her tho.

  5. That’s gross…….and very disrespectful. I would have to take that bish head off fo spitting on me. And then I would probably spit on Mo since she thought shyt was funny and wait for her to leap so I could knock her out

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