Sevyn Streeter Subliminally Responds to B.O.B.’s Ridiculousness

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last week rapper B.O.B. made headlines because he posted photos of another woman on his Instagram account and folks were confused because he was supposed to be dating R&B singer Sevyn Streeter.

Not too long after the photos went viral, the young woman’s friend hit up the blogs and claimed B.O.B. asked the young woman to go through with a publicity stunt and pretend they had a thing.

B.O.B. denied the allegations but only made himself look worse because he then told the young woman in a video that she owed him s*x since he helped her get so much attention from the blogs.

Sevyn Steeter has been silent on all the drama, but now it appears she may be subliminally responding in a new interview.

After Sevyn’s team confirmed she’s done with B.O.B., Sevyn tells the Source the following when they ask her how many second chances will she give a man:

“We all have that place that if the right person pushes you, you can go there. You know your limit and the limit is different for every woman, but for me it’s like that limit right before you cause me to hop all the way out of my character. I’m not gonna let you do that!”

Sevyn also prefers to make money from heartbreaks than give an ex a reaction to their messiness. Click next for the details.

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  1. I wonder if she feels dumb now since she was saying all that stuff about not sleeping with your man when he asks for it didn’t really work out for her too well.

  2. This is why you don’t date lames. Not only did he probably cheat on her but then had the nerve to try to ruin her reputation too.

  3. Isn’t this how it is for most R&B singers? Anyway, now that she sees he’s a certified fool, she should count her blessings. People can only hide their crazy for so long.

  4. It was obvious Bob was trying to hurt and get an reaction out of her I’m glad she didn’t feed into it. She will be ok everybody has dated a f-ckboy in their lifetime dust yourself off and keep it moving.

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