Watch: The ‘Black Ink Crew’ Reunion Will Be Messy

At the reunion, Quani and Puma had to be seated down the block from everyone else, but that didn’t stop things from popping off.

Quani went off on Dutchess and accused her of sleeping around with several of Ceaser’s friends before they became official.

VH1 writes:

The Black Ink Crew reunion is going to be INSANE if this sneak peek is any indication. Puma and Quani refused to be seated with the rest of the cast, so when it was time for them to be interviewed at a spot down the block from Black Ink, they went IN on Cease and Dutchess, and Quani alleged that Dutchess slept with all of Ceaser’s friends before finally ending up with Cease. She also took another low blow by adding that she thinks Dutchess faked her miscarriage. That’s when Dutch, in full evening attire, decided to go over to Puma and Quani to give them a piece of her mind.


Check out the preview below:

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  1. Yeah I’m not going to believe anything that messy a-s couple has to say. What they did last season was f-cked up. They cannot be trusted.

  2. Wait they have reunions??? This is a first….damn I really need to get my cable back Hulu doesn’t even Have Black InK only wack a$$ LHHHW

  3. Lmao….ummmm that was random but IDK Dutchess looked guilty as hell she only got mad when Quani mentioned her faking a miscarriage. And OShyt was lookin like a deer caught in headlights. Cease didn’t look shock tho lmao again

  4. F-ck that Dutchess needs to increase her water intake. There’s no reason a grown a-s woman should be walking around with cracked lips every season.

  5. I can’t stand Dutchess, Quani, or Puma. I do kinda think Quani is lying because I would think somebody in the shop would have brought it up by now because nobody likes Dutchess. But then again it could be true because Ceaser didn’t look shocked and O Sh-t just had a blank look on his face like he always does.

  6. I just find this hard to believe. As messy as everyone is on this show, someone would have bought it up a long time ago. Anyway, I’m just laughing at Quani tweeting about how she doesn’t need reality TV because she has such a good job when Puma already spilled their tea on the show. They NEED Black Ink.

  7. IDK Oh sh-t’s face expression was priceless and he didn’t deny it. Who knows whether it’s true or not I just know I can’t stand Dutchess, big lip b-tch

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