Karrueche Tran Subtweets Iyanla Vanzant?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran booked Iyanla Vanzant for her very first interview after leaving Chris Brown as a result of him fathering a child outside of the relationship, but she later claimed in interviews and to media outlets that she didn’t think Iyanla would turn it into a “Fix My Life” session.

Iyanla has clapped back and stated Karrueche knew the interview would stay true to her “Fix My Life” brand, and Karrueche didn’t have a problem with it until her manager did.

Well it looks as if Karrueche may have responded in a subtweet.

Click here for the details.

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    1. Yeah but she literally tweeted that right after the interview came out. I mean it ain’t really hard to figure out I think. Plus her stans have been riling her up about it. Wait, why does Kae have stans though? Lol!!

  1. Whatever. I believe Iyanala 100%. She’s not the only person who has had a bad run in with Karrueche’s “manager.” Everybody can’t be lying.

  2. I really wish we would move past the era of making people famous for no reason. The Kardashians, Amber Rose, Karrueche….make it stop.

    1. Agreed! All this young lady did was be Chris Brown’s doormat for some quick fame. Now that she left him we can all move on now.

  3. I’m so sick of this little victim playing b-tch. Seriously. When she said Chris hurt her career I was too through with her a-s. I used to try to have some sympathy when the navy used to drag her, but I see now they got a lot of it right. Kae is nothing but an opportunist and it shows in everything she does now. She even wanted us to care about that little soccer player she was spotted with but nobody gave a f-ck because he ain’t Chris Brown. Sooner or later she will go back to his nutty a-s because it ain’t like she’s interesting by herself.

  4. All these Kae haters. Anyway, yes that was for Iyanla. Iyanla really did Kae dirty. She was not honest about the questions she would ask. The way she did Christina was messed up too. But now she’s trying to front like she was the one set up. Y’all can keep thinking Iyanla some good person if y’all want to. I been peeped game. Y’all dragging the wrong person.

    1. I think they used each other. The problem is Iyanla didn’t have a problem with that until Kae and her manager tried to put dirt on her name. Anyone with something to lose would respond and try to clear it up.

  5. Well I think Iyanla has some tea on her because she’s subtweeting like she knows better. Iyanla did tell her to keep it cute or she would put her business in the streets!!

  6. She is always subtweeting somebody because she will always be a coward. She’s on her last 5 minutes of fame though. Now watch her and Jacob get desperate. She will be back with Chris before the year is over. She thought she would be able to become A list without him but nobody cares anymore. Lmao.

  7. How can anyone not expect Iyanla to fix their life when literally that’s her job? Why would she change it up for Karrueche out of all people? Who is Kae trying to fool here?

  8. Karrueche’s manager felt the interview could hurt her brand”

    Her brand what exactly? I’m with the commenter above, can 2016 be the year we stop making people famous for no reason…

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