Raven Symone Gets Owned

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“The View” personality Raven Symone got herself into lots of trouble when she pretty much told the panel and the audience that she feels it’s acceptable for employers to not hire people based off their first names, and even though she apologized, plenty of folks still look at her as a sellout.

However, it’s back to business at the ABC daytime talk show, and Raven is attempting to put the whole situation behind her.

Too bad even the guests aren’t willing to forget her latest controversy.

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  1. I hope Raven now sees that people won’t forget her idiotic comments about names. Most importantly, you can pretend to be colorless all you want, but people like Ann Coulter still won’t like you.

  2. This is the one and only time I will agree with Ann… Ann is the most polarizing & divisive person in politics to date & she owned you!! Raven is dispicable. Had I been in the audience, I would have stood & clapped!

  3. Raven really forgot how much she showed the world her ignorance last week. You can’t try to tell someone they speak too harshly when you make your money doing the same Monday through Friday.

    1. Yup I would’ve……and Oan White people just luv making Black people look and feel stupid anyway….so his was a double joy treat for her ……but Idc bcuz I don’t like that bish Raven anyway

  4. Everybody, no matter the race now knows Raven is ignorant. So they are going to try her when she tries to sound intelligent now.

  5. Ann is the spawn of satan but she’s very smart. She’s also good at debating. Raven barked up the wrong tree once again.

  6. I think Raven thought she was going to be able to make a career out of saying controversial trash and it would be smooth sailing but nope! LMBO!

  7. I’m actually embarrassed for Raven. She has been taking so many Ls. At some point she’s going to have to ask herself if she wants to keep doing that job. I know they want her to be controversial because the show is flopping and they need people talking, but is it worth all of this? That’s what she needs to ask herself.

  8. It was just a matter of time before someone who isn’t worried about being nice and liked got her together. Hopefully more guests like that will be booked.

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