Amber Rose Defends Labeling Herself a Bad B*tch + Says She Isn’t Promoting Promiscuity

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose is busy making her press rounds to promote her new book, “How to be a Bad B*tch,” but some folks are already questioning the contents of the book because of the title alone.

Amber labels herself as a feminist, so some feel it’s counterproductive for her to refer to herself as a “bad b*tch.”

However, Amber thinks it’s empowering.

Check out the following excerpt from her recent interview with Jezebel:

The title of this book kinda requires people to accept that women have reclaimed this word “b*tch.” In the beginning you write, “I was born a bad b*tch.” Did you wrestle with yourself about using that in the title or was it immediate?

It was more so immediate. I do see a lot of comments like, “Well, why would you call it How to Be a Bad B*tch.” In all actuality, guys are gonna call us that anyway, so why not embrace it and make it a positive thing where a bad b*tch can be a well-rounded woman that has everything together instead of always letting those words hurt us? Just like my Slut Walk, it comes to a point where you have to embrace it.


Amber also denies promoting promiscuity. Click next for the details.

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  1. She sounds dumb as hell calling herself a bad b-tch. Ain’t she in her 30s? Yeah time to grow up and have some respect for yourself.

    1. Well to be real a lot of women are calling themselves bad b’s now. I don’t understand it but to each its own.

  2. Yeah I don’t think it’s empowering to refer to yourself as the derogatory terms people label you with but whatever makes her happy.

  3. I try to respect other people’s opinion without passing judgment – even when I don’t agree. However, this broad has completely lost me by saying “they’re going to call us that anyway.” Ummmm…”us” who?! She refers to herself as a b*tch because she expects men to?!?! Furthermore, she accepts it?!?! This entire interview sends warped messages to young females who look up to her, and old ones who are somehow, still lost. I’m in support of her quest to make a name for herself and have her own…but this isn’t her arena. I hope she has someone in her corner to keep it real and tell her rabbit a** to do some self-searching and try again later.

  4. The more Amber talk about feminism, the more it’s painfully clear she really has no idea what feminism is. Smh.

  5. There are so many people in the world who, for years, did not know who they were (many still don’t) because they accepted labels people put on them. As real women grow, it is a true work to shed labels and discover who you really are. You have to shed friends, as well as places and things that don’t line up with your true destiny & calling. For some, just that process alone can take years, before you get your self-respect and courage to be you. Imagine if no one answered to labels or peer pressure, and how much time was saved by not having to shed skin that wasn’t yours to begin with. Now that’s being a Grown Woman, forget a Bad B***h. I agree, she is lost. The demographic that follows her are some of the most in need of loving themselves, she is just hindering people by trying to get women to identify with a label that was created by those who truly do not know what self-love is. Sad, really.

  6. Amber may need to stick to talking about Kanye, Kim and Wiz because that first quote was ignorant as hell. If a man is going to call you out your name anyway, then why are you dealing with him? It’s better to learn to love yourself and only deal with men who respect you.

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