Blac Chyna and Future Have No Shame

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Blac Chyna and Future have been staying in the headlines for the last few weeks because folks were speculating they had a budding romance, but things went left after Chyna posted a photo of her rocking a “Future” tattoo on her hand.

While Future and Chyna are free to date whoever they choose, many felt some kind of way about Chyna posting the photo on Ciara’s birthday.

And then hours later, Future took to Twitter to tell his fans that he’s very much single.

But now sources are claiming the whole situation was just a publicity stunt for Future’s new music video. Click next for the details.

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    1. I agree. I’ll be glad when this era of fake a-ses and looking like centaurs passes. Women are really out here looking gross but swear they look good. Eww.

    2. Fck her a$$$…..I didn’t knw Future was thick like that…..he be looking skinny and shyt….and got a nice “something to hold on to” back there lmao

  1. Either way, both of them are thirsty a-s birds. They did all of this to promote a music video so what does that mean? It means the general public doesn’t really give a f-ck about them. But I must admit, Future has proven himself to be more thirsty than Chyna. Not only did he use Ciara to sell his last album but he used Ciara yet again by telling that bird brained thirst bucket Chyna to post that fake tat on Ciara’s damn birthday. When you have to pull stunts to sell albums, you ain’t sh-t.

  2. So they just wanted attention. Well it worked but what now? Does Future not understand that having to pull all these stunts makes him seem kind of thirsty? His music can’t speak for itself?

  3. This is a bad look for both of them. Chyna still looks very desperate for attention and Future is starting to look like a rapper with only a few minutes left of relevance. I’m starting to notice he can’t sell that many albums on his own unlike Drake.

  4. But where are all the people that swore up and down Ciara the attention whore and Future was the victim *crickets*. This the same man that slammed Ciara to spark a buzz for his album claiming she was the attention hungry person in the relationship. Rode the coattails of Drake for a mixtape. Just set up a dumbass bird to look stupid just to promote a video and still used Ciara in the process because they strategically posted the tat on her bday. I said from day one when Future went on to so call promote his album and did nothing but bash Ciara he was thirsty and hurt. He did all this for attention but he also did this to try to hurt Ciara in the process he not slick. As for Chyna she look like a damn fool too she just as thirsty.

    1. The same ones that claimed Ciara was using Russell Wilson for publicity and how f@cked up it was having Russell taking pics with the baby etc. She went on about her business and still got dragged to hell and back. I wonder what all those hating as men have to say about the desperate move Future just made. Double standards all day everyday.

  5. Classic case of Thirst, desperation, and attention hungry low-grade celebrities. Personally, I don’t like to be lied too esp by people who completely disregard other people, innocent people (The naturally, talented, and lovely Ciara).Trashy low class
    D Celebrities think that they can pull a publicity stunt like this to their fans and everyone else that follows the hip hop culture. When hell freezes over I’ll be fan of that silicone pumping cartoon freak. The definition of beauty, sexiness, and class skipped this generation. The thirst bucket in both of you, intentionally mislead their fans when some were actually supporting you by writing on their hands with damn sharpie’s. Peeps, let us spend our time, money, and energy on real GENUINE, & HONEST talent, NOT THIS FREAKSHOW of fake, over-exaggerated, balloon, stuffed turkey heads like this one and the whole lot of them that are just like her.

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