Meek Mill Gets Bad News

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Meek Mill hasn’t really been able to bounce back from his feud with Drake.

The Philly artist has been getting bad news left and right, but not even his relationship with Nicki Minaj can make the possibility of going back to prison less scary.

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  1. So the rich white kid in Texas that killed four people gets 10 years probation but Meek gotta sit and wait to go to jail….I’m not saying Meek didn’t do any wrong but come on now he ain’t killing folks.

  2. 1. Can’t believe he said ” I can be the best rapper out there” in court, as if they care about that.

    2. He’s a fool for calling the DA a “b-tch”

    3. “I’m not a gangsta, i’m not a criminal” LOL! the statement of the year!

    Anywho- he’s ridiculous, I still don’t want him to go to jail though.

  3. Meek needs to get his life together while he around here trying to beef with Drake should have been making sure his probation was in order. Now he stuck with head in between his legs he needs to grow up. Nicki never should have rushed into this relationship after SB she should have taken time for herself now she testifying for him he like a kid she has to watch smh.

  4. LMAO…..this is comedic…..I couldn’t be the judge because I know I would’ve been snickering…of course I wouldn’t make his fool a$$ suffer. But he needs to make better choices. When you do the wrong thins you do have to deal with the consequences. Hope he gets just probation….I don’t see him and Nicki lasting if he goes off to jail. I mean they haven’t been together that long, have kids or married like Yandy & Mendeecees

  5. I predict he’ll release some hard sh-t and kindly be reminded that he was in the courtroom crying talking about “I’m not a gangsta, I’m not a criminal” LOL! Just Watch!

  6. His career is over. Looking at his statement about “not being a gangsta” but reflecting back on some of his more threatening posts that say otherwise; he can’t possibly have a legit career after this.

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