Meagan Good Has Some Words for Christian Critics

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Meagan Good is happily married to pastor DeVon Franklin, and although both are no strangers to the entertainment industry, Meagan gets plenty of criticism from fellow Christians because of the ways she dresses at red carpet events.

However, she has no plans to change her wardrobe to please Christian critics.

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  1. Well I still think the BET dress thing was much ado about nothing. I think too many Christians believe one must become asexual to remain holy. Weird.

  2. First of all I want to say that I am really starting to love Meghan Good because she is just blossoming and has been having such an awesome time these past few years. I also am a supporter of her and Devon’s marriage. I just read an article/interview of them in Essence and plan on getting their new book and even may take their free relationship class they are offering online. WTBS; I think that they are going too hard on Meghan. Just because you get married or are a preacher’s wife doesn’t mean you cant be sexy. These people need to reread the bible about what it is says; it says adorn your self in modest apparel and to Meghan maybe that was modest; I just think she’s one of those people who no matter what they wear they are considered sexy. Kimbella suffers from this. Trina suffers from this. Teirra Marie and quite a few others I know. I have seen her in little to no makeup with a long sleeved collar shirt and jeans with her husband and she is just as sexy and beautiful then as she is on the red carpet. People should do what they think is best for them and let Meghan do what is best for her. There are some of those same people in the pulpit and in the pews who don’t practice what they preach. I think there is a time and place for everything and obviously the BET Awards was the time and place for that dress. It is not your outer appearance, but your inward man and to Meghan is humble and shining bright like a diamond right now. Congrats! Meghan on all of your successes; may the Lord continue to bless your marriage.

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