Katt Williams Slams Kevin Hart + Kevin Responds

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Kevin Hart is pretty much sitting on top of the world with multiple box office successes, stand up comedy tours and a successful comedy on BET.

But not everyone is happy about his success.

And you can now add Katt Williams to the list of comedians who are just not here for Kevin Hart.

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      1. This. People think Katt is so woke but I see right through him. He’s a very bitter, angry little man. I don’t have to like Kevin to admit that.

  1. I don’t really care for Kevin most of the time, but Katt seems like a hater now. He has said the same crap about several comedians in the last two years. He really thinks people have to be taken advantage of to make it and that’s nothing but sour grapes. Kevin is where he is today because he’s focused, driven and works hard. If Katt didn’t get on drugs and start hanging out with Suge, he would be much bigger than he is.

  2. I see Kevin knew better than to go directly after Katt like he did Mike Epps. Katt would embarrass his little a-s with the quickness. Katt makes Phaedra’s reads look amateurish

  3. It’s crazy how much Katt rants about the industry being evil and screwing over people but he was hanging out with Suge. LMBO!

  4. Katt was arrested in Georgia while he was there for punching some store employee too. It ain’t the illuminati holding him back. He’s holding himself back!!

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