Album Sales Released for Kanye’s ‘Life of Pablo’

Photo Credit: LittleO2
Photo Credit: LittleO2

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West’s latest album “Life of Pablo” has been making headlines as of late due to its streaming success, and now projections have been released for the first week of sales.

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  1. That’s all? You would think he would have done 5 times that considering how much he attention whores like his wife and her fam. I’m starting to feel like they attention whore and still produce mediocre results for all the attention whoring. Kim is always pulling some stunt on IG and her Vogue cover still flopped. Kylie is out here sleeping with a grown bums and her clothing line with Kendall at Pac Sun still flopped. Khloe used Lamar’s near death for publicity and her show still got cancelled. Bruce became a woman and his reality show flopped anyway. I mean I can go on.

  2. I hope Beyonce doesn’t put her album on Tidal first. I know Kanye has lost his touch but I don’t doubt his numbers would have been much higher if the didn’t put it on Tidal first. Same thing with Rihanna.

    1. You know Rihanna’s sales have remained strong since she put the album up on iTunes. I know Tidal is doing better but they have a long way to go! Artists are literally hurting their sales by putting their music on Tidal first.

  3. These numbers aren’t good. Kanye is going to have to cut out the Kardashian antics if he wants to go back to spitting out platinum albums and being respected again. We can blame Tidal for the low sales to a degree but back in the day, Tidal wouldn’t have stopped people from buying Kanye’s album. His fan base isn’t as strong as it used to be and it shows. Yeezus didn’t sell that well either.

  4. All those streams and it’s not even over 100,000. That’s insane. I see why a lot of artists aren’t here for streaming. Not only do they not get paid much from it, but it doesn’t even help their sales.

  5. He probably won’t ever sell albums like he used to. His music isn’t dope anymore and he’s pretty much been reduced to being a Kardashian. He has classics though.

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