Skai Jackson Talks Twitter Beef with Azealia Banks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day the internet blew up after 14-year-old Disney actress Skai Jackson put Azealia Banks in her place during their very random Twitter beef, and now Skai is opening up about the drama in a new interview.

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  1. And they said there’s no way she wrote her own tweets and her mother was the one tweeting for her.

    1. Thank you. She’s 14 years old and capable of speaking up for herself intelligently. Too bad Azealia can’t at 24.

    2. That was crazy to me. A 14 year old isn’t supposed to be capable of tweeting in this day and age and expressing their own opinion? She’s in high school for crying out loud.

  2. Azealia deserved the dragging she got. It’s even sweeter that it was a 14 year old who did the Good Lord’s work.

  3. Azealia is just an angry fool who is jealous of anybody who is successful. But she could have been successful but she decided she would rather troll on Twitter.

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