Jhene Aiko’s Divorce Gets Messier + Singer Denies Cheating with Big Sean

According to reports, some are claiming Jhene’s estranged husband Dot Da Genius was abusive and that’s the real cause behind the divorce.

Well that’s news to Dot.

Hip Hollywood writes:

Following the filing, rumors started to fly that Aiko was cheating on Dot with close friend and collaborator Big Sean, whom she shared a kiss with while onstage last year. Now, Jhene is making every attempt to shut it all down.

The singer took to Twitter late last week and attempted to silence the rumors, which ultimately led to her airing out she and Dot’s dirty laundry.

While responding to fan questions regarding her split, Jhene suggested to never let “a man disrespect u in any way.” She also claimed in a Twitter tirade that’s since been deleted that “he jumped ship a long time ago, he wants to be the victim and I’ll let his b**ch a&& assume the role.”

She even responded to one fan when asked about infidelity, “I only cheated myself. So glad to be free from all the drugs, depression and confrontation.”

The accusations and firestorm of social media chatter proved to be too much for Genius, so he spoke out via Twitter with a long post, shutting down allegations that he was abusive.

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    1. This. I didn’t realize how annoying and pompous she is until the Big Sean situation. It just rubbed me the wrong way.

  1. She really needs to just stop. We don’t know what happened in her marriage, that’s true but we saw with our own eyes she was messing around with Big Sean while she was still married. No one is going to pretend like that didn’t happen.

  2. Jhene is tripping. If she is lying on this man to save her own image, karma is going to be brutal when it comes back around on her.

  3. She is really trying to thrown this man under the bus when she’s the one who cheated? Stay classy Jhene. Smdh.

  4. I think she hurt herself when she started parading around Big Sean before the marriage was over. It just made her seem shady.

  5. All I know is domestic violence is nothing to play around with. If she’s lying, she’s going to get dragged so bad.

  6. Chile…Jhene better be careful before one of his family members exposes her. If it’s over, then she needs to stop talking about it and continue doing whatever she is doing with Big Sean. There’s no need to be talking about an ex if you’re already in the next relationship.

  7. If she’s lying about something this serious, he needs to get a lawyer asap. You do not lie about domestic violence under any circumstance.

  8. So constantly sitting on Big Sean’s lap, and licking his tonsils at every opportunity was what? Cuz that sure looked like cheating to me.

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