Being Mary Jane Recap: MJ Has an Awkward Moment with Lee’s Son + Ronda Won’t Let Up

Photo Credit: BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night’s episode of “Being Mary Jane” placed focus back on Mary Jane’s ongoing feud with Ronda, and it appears she may now have a new ally.

Plus, her romance with Lee is tested when she has an awkward encounter with his son.

Here’s a recap of “Getting Judged.”

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  1. The way things are going it just feels like Justin and MJ are going to get together. And that is predictable writing.

    1. I don’t know. Justin still seems sketchy to me. And when the producer told him that he knows why he’s at the station, it kind of seemed like a nod to him being there to help Ronda take down Mary Jane.

    1. I go back and forth with that. Sometimes I think he’s working for Ronda and other times I don’t. I guess we will see eventually.

    2. I don’t trust him either. He came to the station for a reason and I doubt it’s to help Mary Jane.

  2. Another episode that makes me like Lee. Anyway PJ better stay away from that white girl. She will ruin his life if he’s not careful.

  3. I hope PJ stays clear of Ava, she is on a mission to be his downfall. I just knew her sneaky ass was setting him up with the Rolex situation! And I’m so on the fence about Justin. I feel like he’s for MJ but sometimes I wonder…also get the vibe that he and MJ may have a thing eventually and it’ll ruin her relationship with Lee but I hope I’m wrong.

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