LHHATL Recap: Jasmine Spills the Tea to Karlie + Momma Dee Gets Her Karma

There’s hope for Stevie J and Joseline.

Stevie and Joseline have a sit down to discuss their baby situation, and Joseline calls him out for not claiming the baby.

But Stevie isn’t sure the baby is his because Joseline took to social media to slander him, so he’s not sure if she’s being honest now.

“I’m about to have a baby and I have not seen you one time.” – Joseline

Joseline then informs Stevie that she is moving back to Miami after the baby is born. But Stevie wants her to remain in Atlanta, especially if he’s the father. He’s now willing to take the paternity test.

He kisses her on her forehead and rubs her belly before leaving. Now he questions if their romance is really done for good.

Rod thinks Jasmine made a huge mistake in telling Karlie and Joc about her affair with Kirk.

Jasmine meets with her boyfriend Rod to open up about what went down with Kirk. He’s back from prison for money laundering.

“He’s denying everything. He’s acting like he doesn’t know me.” – Jasmine to Rod

“You made these choices but that’s the man you chose to have a baby with. I don’t blame you, but I blame you!” – Rod to Jasmine

Rod feels like Jasmine stepped out of bounds by telling Joc and Karlie that the baby is Kirk’s, especially since Kirk was quietly sending her money and paying her bills.

Tommie’s rocky relationship with her mother gets even worse.

Tommie is upset with her mother because she couldn’t get in contact with her while she was in jail for threatening Joseline.

She feels like her mother is never there for her, and she can count on her bail bondsman more than her own mother.

Tommie gets into an argument with her mother and things get very heated. She has her escorted out of her house, and reveals that she’s been on her own since she was 15.

Momma Dee and Ernest’s marriage is on the rocks.

“We’ve been married for less than two years and you’ve done more for your mom.” – Momma Dee to Ernest

Apparently the real issue in their marriage is Momma Dee feels Ernest is a momma’s boy. And now his mother is moving to Atlanta.

Momma Dee is not happy about the news.

Joseline stays the night at Stevie’s place.

Joseline catches up with Melissa and reveals that after meeting with Stevie, he called and asked her to come over his house and she obliged.

She spent the night but decided to steal a pair of his underwear so she can use it for a DNA test.

Karlie gets more information from Jasmine and what she learns is shocking.

Karlie meets up with Jasmine to find out more information about her and Kirk. Meanwhile Joc meets with Rod for the same reason.

Jasmine confirms that she met Kirk at a strip club where she worked and that they would even hang out together around some of his family members. Kirk has even brought his son Karter around too.

Karlie says Rod is a scam artist and that’s why she can’t just flat out believe what Jasmine is saying. So Jasmine pulls out text messages and confirms Kirk has a secret phone that Rasheeda doesn’t know about.

She shows proof of Kirk paying her bills and her driving his car.

Both Rod and Jasmine show a video of Kirk holding the baby at Jasmine’s house and claiming the child as his own.

Lil Scrappy points out Momma Dee’s hypocrisy.

Momma Dee talks to Lil Scrappy about her issues with Ernest and the thinks it’s hypocritical that she’s accusing her mother in law of overstepping boundaries when she herself has been guilty of doing the same thing for years.

Scrappy also reveals that his relationship with Bambi has turned sour because they have not been able to get along. Apparently she’s having a hard time trusting him. So he is currently staying in a hotel and he is unsure if they will actually get married.

“Right now Mom, I’m confused. I don’t even know if I want to get married.” – Lil Scrappy

Momma Dee suggests they all come together and have a dinner in which they can discuss their grievances with one another.

Tommie looks at her issues with her mother from a different perspective and plots revenge on Karlie.

Tommie meets with Karen King (KK) to discuss the issues she’s having with her mother. KK feels like Tommie should be more compassionate to her mother because her mother is also an alcoholic, but the difference is Tommie is actually getting help. She suggests Tommie be patient with her mother, so she can get help too.

As far as Scrap is concerned, it’s over between him and Tommie, but she is planning to get even with Karlie for messing around with him before he got locked up.

Stevie gets an uninvited roommate.

Stevie finds out his daughter Savannah has moved in without even asking him first. This will make a reconciliation with Joseline difficult since Savannah is not here for it.

Momma Dee’s dinner is a flop in more ways than one.

Momma Dee’s dinner is a waste of time since Bambi doesn’t show up with Scrappy. But she decides to talk her issues out with Ernest’s mother anyway, and she explains that she feels his mother is out of line. She also feels like his mother should defend her when Ernest talks about her in a disrespectful way. When Ernest’s mother tells her that she’s not going to be told what to say to Ernest, Momma Dee gets up and hands Ernest a pacifier and baby bib. She then leaves while Ernest laughs and Scrappy is in shock.

Karlie updates Rasheeda and Rasheeda confronts Kirk. 

Kariie meets with Rasheeda to give her the details on Kirk and Jasmine. She reveals that Jasmine lives downstairs from Kirk and Rasheeda in their old building.

She also informs Rasheeda that Kirk has a secret phone and she saw pictures of Kirk holding the baby in Jasmine’s apartment.

“I don’t even know what to say.” – Rasheeda

She breaks down in tears and Karlie sheds some tears too. Karlie thinks Kirk should take a paternity test.

Rasheeda decides to confront Kirk about what she’s learned, so she cooks dinner. She tells him what was said by Jasmine to Karlie, and then tells him she heard he was actually in a relationship with Jasmine. Kirk denies it and then Rasheeda brings up the video in which he was holding the baby and claiming the child. She asks Kirk what’s really up before he can answer and the episode ends.


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    1. I’m going to say it is until a DNA test is taken. These two are not above faking anything and everything to keep their spots.

      1. Exactly. I need to see some real receipts before I take any of this seriously. We know how Kirk and Rasheeda get down.

  1. Chile…Momma Dee is a mess. I try so hard not to laugh at her shenanigans but I can’t help it. But serves her right that she’s now seeing what Scrappy has had to deal with all these years.

  2. If Kirk really did get Jasmine pregnant, I wouldn’t even be mad if Rasheeda went upside his head. That’s just the ultimate sign of disrespect.

  3. I think this is real. I think Kirk took getting a storyline too damn far. This really hurt Rasheeda. I was actually reading up on Lisa Nicole and ran across this information:
    [link removed]

  4. Women take a big risk when they decide to give disrespectful men a second chance. Now Rasheeda sees that Kirk hasn’t changed and he actually had a baby on her. What a shame.

  5. Kirk and Rasheeda’s story line is such BS. They do all this for a check then soon after the season is over they’ll be on the Ryan Cameron Morning Show laughing and chuckling it up like a’int nothing ever happened, so I can’t with them. They both look ridiculous

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