RHOP Recap: Gizelle & Robyn Ambush Ashley + Juan Drops a Major Bomb

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode “Real Housewives of Potomac,” Ashley gets ganged up by Gizelle and Robyn, while Karen is brave and opens up about being a victim of rape.

Robyn’s ex husband Juan also opens up himself, but with a producer and it’s clear that he and Robyn aren’t on the same page.

Here’s a recap of “Over the River and Thru the Woods.”

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  1. Robyn needs to let Juan go. He doesn’t want to be with her anymore so there’s no need in dragging the inevitable out anymore.

    1. Sis I think no one has anyone making Robyn look foolish more than herself. Why is she still holding on?

  2. Yeah Gizelle is the last one who needs to talk about anyone having a failed marriage. Hers was a disaster and she really can’t talk. I’m glad Ashley clocked her on that.

  3. Juan ain’t sh-t. Ain’t nobody forcing his grown a-s to keep dealing with Robyn. He needs to grow a bigger d-ck and keep it 100.

  4. Juan could have been a real man and voiced how he really feels with Robyn instead of a producer. That’s just ridiculous.

  5. In so many words, Juan pretty much confirmed everything Ashley said. He is with someone and Robyn needs to stop being delusional. Let him go and let him be the other woman’s problem.

  6. Juan is with that woman because it’s cheaper to keep her why pay child support and alimony and possibly another mortgage when he could just live with her and come home when he feels like it. I think that’s the only reason why he’s there but she looks at it completely different as if he wants to be with her, I don’t think he led her on to believe that they were hope for them, I think that’s in he mind and because that’s what she really wants so unfortunately I don’t feel sorry for her although it has to really hurt to know that your husband doesn’t want you anymore, but she probably should have figured that out when he cheated on her several times before. Thats where all that anger comes from when she confronted Ashley cause she knew what she was saying was true. Im glad Ashley held her own against them two green eyed bandits.

  7. I thought Karen was so brave. As someone whose experienced being sexually assaulted in a college atmosphere it is so degrading and it changes who you are as a person. So many women have experienced sexual abuse and beat themselves up for it. I applaud her courage to speak out bc there is a stigma on those who’ve been sexually assaulted. Victim shaming can be so hurtful; especially when you’ve had to go through something so humiliating. Bravo Karen! ??????

    1. Because these women have actual relationships and lives. Not fake boyfriends and cringeworthy he said she said to make the season seem more interesting than it is.

  8. Ugh I wish Robyn would stop wasting her time with Juan. The whole situation makes her look pathetic and desperate.

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