Tamar Braxton Explains Fallout with Toya Wright

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton made headlines last week when she became the target of Toya Wright and Reginae’s wrath on social media.

As you already may know, things popped off after Tamar denied accusations Toya made in on of her books and she referred to Toya as “Paperback Toya.”

Now that the dust has settled, she’s opening up about the messy situation.

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  1. From what I’m gathering, Toya basically got mad because she felt was she was entitled to Tamar promoting her books but Tamar couldn’t contractually do so, so Toy started being shady.

  2. I still think Tamar is a petty betty but it sounds like Toya is the fake friend. How do you end a friendship over something like that? Now if Tamar was the one did what Toya did, the whole internet would collectively drag her. It’s amazing how Toya and her bratty daughter get so many passes for their f-cked up personalities but Tamar gets dragged for every damn thing.

  3. Well Toya did do a whole media tour and wrote a book about Tamar. I mean Tamar could have said much worse than Paperback Toya but she hasn’t and probably won’t. Meanwhile Toya called her everything but a child of God over not promoting her book or booking her on The Real. Something is very wrong about that.

  4. Toya sounds like a snake. If you hold me down for my brothers funeral, I’m not going to cut you off because you’re not able to get me on your talk show. Why was it that serious for her?

  5. If Toya felt some type of way about not being on The Real, why didn’t she just call Tamar up and talk it out? To turn around and write about her in her book and do interviews about it instead is messed up. But I know a lot of people don’t want to admit that because we’re all used to Tamar being the problem.

  6. Hearing all of this, you wonder why Toya took it as far as she did with that Instagram post. I feel like their issue could have been worked out. It’s minor.

  7. I remember when Tamar rode for Toya when all the K Michelle and Love & Hip Hop stuff happened. And riding with Toya is exactly why K and Tamar started beefing. So for Toya to get stank and vindictive about Tamar not promoting her damn books on the gram is absolutely dumb to me.

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