Stevie J Plans to Take Bonnie Bella Away from Joseline Hernandez?

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez’s very on and off relationship has easily been one of the reasons why “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” became a smash hit for VH1.

But over the years, it became quite clear that their relationship is very toxic at times.

Joseline has accused Stevie of being controlling when it comes to her career, while Stevie now feels like Joseline is the one trying to pull his strings.

On the season finale for season six, Stevie claimed that he was done with Joseline for good because she was trying to control him, but he was hopeful he’d still be able to have a good relationship with their daughter Bonnie Bella.

Now that Joseline is spending some time in Miami with close friends and family, Stevie is calling her out on social media.

He says she’s keeping Bonnie away from him but he may be planning to keep Bonnie away from Joseline too.

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  1. How? He’s a drug addict. He also doesn’t pay child support and should be in jail for that. He’s no better than Joseline and I wish people would stop acting like he is.

    1. Thank you. They are cut from the same cloth. People are acting like they have forgotten that but I haven’t.

    2. Joseline is an addict too and Mimi did a s-x tape. All of these people have issues. It’s laughable when they try to get on a soapbox and talk about how messed up Joseline is when they all need some damn therapy.

  2. Oh please Stevie ain’t no better than Joseline if she’s considered an unfit parent so is he.

  3. Doubt it. Joseline is a nut but Stevie owes a lot of money in child support and he’s been failing court ordered drug tests. I’m not sure why he’s pretending like full custody is an option.

  4. Scumbag…you have money and access to go see your child. Quit acting like you didn’t know she was gonna dip on you

  5. Damn Joseline can’t even go on a vacation with the baby he wasn’t trying to claim in peace? He can get a cheap flight to Miami if he wants to. Messy a-s.

  6. And Stevie is some amazing father? Oh please. If he really wanted to see his baby, he’d be on the next flight to Miami as we speak. This is just him trying to keep the public dragging of Joseline going. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s linked up with Mona to take Joseline down. I’m so over these people. They wag their finger at Joseline but none of them, Mona included, have clean hands.

  7. And this is why two toxic people do not need to be in a relationship with each other or anyone else for that matter. Everyone thinks it’s so cute to act crazy but this is the end result. Is it still cute now?

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