'Insecure' Recap: Lawrence Makes a Decision About Issa + Comes Clean with Tasha
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‘Insecure’ Recap: Lawrence Makes a Decision About Issa + Comes Clean with Tasha

Molly confronts Issa over her decision to sleep with Lawrence.

“Y’all f*cked?” – Molly

Molly is over Issa’s apartment and proceeds to drill Issa with questions about her encounter with Lawrence. Issa tells Molly that Lawrence initiated their passionate moment. However, she also admits that they still aren’t talking much. Issa tried to text him but only got one word responses back.

“I texted him twice, and once he responded “sure” with no punctuation. And the other time, two hours later, he responded “yep,” with a period. – Issa

“You texted him during rush hour. You know he’s a safe driver!” – Molly

Issa tells Molly that Lawrence hasn’t gotten back to her because he needs to organize his feelings.

Molly, not believing Issa is okay with everything, says Malibu. Issa responds, “Malibu. I’m f***ing confused.”

Trying to get more clarity of the situation, Molly asks if their impromptu romp was a “we back together” one, or an “f**k you” one. Issa answers, “I don’t know. It was a nebulous f**k.”

Confused, Molly tells Issa that Lawrence needs some time. When Issa asks if it meant something to Lawrence, Molly passingly says, “Sure,” laying out on the couch.

Molly remembers what Issa and Lawrence did on the couch she’s on and freaks out.

Lawrence doesn’t know what to say to Issa.

Lawrence is working out in Chad’s garage. In between his sets, he grabs his phone and composes a text to Issa.

He wants to tell her that he didn’t mean to confuse her feelings with the s*x, but he cuts himself off halfway, deleting the text.

Molly faces the realization that nothing at work is going her way.

Later on, Molly is going off to her therapist about her struggles at work. She is completely frustrated with how work is going for her. She tells the therapist she’s working much harder than Travis at the law firm, and always doing their volunteering activities with them.

She then says she’ll figure it out to get into the boys club at work. “It should be fine.”

When she says this, the therapist mentions she uses the word “should” to describe how she feels when she isn’t where she wants to be with many parts of her life.

When the therapist probes into this, the therapist asks Molly if she is open to changing things about her life should things not go her way.

Molly doesn’t really know if she’s open to making changes.

Issa learns about Tasha.

Later that night, Issa and Molly are at an event put on by Tiffany held at a museum. At the event, the girls are talking and Issa tells them that Lawrence came by and they may be working things out.

Tiffany empathizes with Issa, explaining that she and her husband had to work on issues.

“Even perfect couples have problems, and Derek and I are great now.” – Tiffany

Kelli thinks Issa should move on. When Issa says she betrayed his trust and they could work it out, Kelli asks if he broke up with his new girlfriend?

It’s revealed that they knew about him dating Tasha. After a very brief investigation, they find Tasha’s Instagram page. However, Issa says she doesn’t want to look at the page. Kelli says Issa is experiencing “growth.”

However, in the bathroom, Issa spits an angry rap, contradicting what she said to her friends.

Molly comes into the bathroom, checking in on Issa. Issa angrily says, “Pull that b***h up!”

The next day, Issa heads over to Chads’s to see Lawrence. Chad answers the door and the conversation gets really awkward. They make small talk but he doesn’t let her in. She asks if Lawrence is in, he tells her no. He offers to tell Lawrence she stopped by but she assures him she will tell Lawrence herself.

Lawrence tells the truth.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is over at Tasha’s watching TV. Tasha is really engaged in the show but Lawrence seems distant. She asks him whats going on, and he tells her he’s got some things on his mind. Tasha isn’t phased by this and invites Lawrence to their family barbecue.

She wants to invite him and asks if he’s free next Saturday. Suddenly, Lawrence tells Tasha he slept with Issa. He tells her that it happened when he went over to her apartment to get the rest of his things. This surprising revelation stuns Tasha who then asks Lawrence to leave.

At home, Issa is getting ready for bed, brushing her teeth, staring at her phone. Although she fights the urge, eventually, Issa succumbs to the pressure, and looks at Tasha’s Instagram page.

The Vice Principal at 41st Street makes Frieda and Issa very uncomfortable.

Issa and Frieda are at 41st Street High School meeting with the vice-principal. They are meeting with him for help to draw students to their after school tutoring program. During their meeting, he keeps getting interrupted by the janitors over the radio.

He apologizes for everything, but his statement comes off very prejudiced towards the Latino kids at the school. He says, “Things seem to just fall through the cracks, now that the school is so overpopulated. Might have to build a wall or something, and have them pay for it.”

Frieda and Issa leave the meeting feeling awkward.

Lawrence and Chad visit an apartment.

Chad berates Lawrence about telling Tasha he slept with Issa. As Lawrence also beats himself up, Chad says, “ Just when I thought you was stating to pimp, you right back to being an old John Legend a** n***a.”

Lawrence tells Chad that he regrets sleeping with Issa but he felt he had to be honest with Tasha.

Chad brings Lawrence to look a 2-bedroom apartment with his realtor Ebony. The boys walk around the place and Lawrence seems to be somewhat impressed by it. Eboony tells them they’ll have to make a decision soon because it’s in a very popular neighborhood.

Vice Principal Gaines stands behind his word.

Back at 41st, Frieda is still angry over Vice Principal Gaines’ wall joke.

However, Issa is impressed about his commitment to get students to their after school program.

Molly heads over to the Staples Center for a Kings hockey game. She heads to her head partner’s suite.

Molly does her best to hang with the boys club at work.

At home, Issa begins to stalk Tasha’s Instagram page. At the hockey game, Molly manages to make small talk with the other role players at the firm . She even finds one of the senior partners and has great conversation. She asks the partner about the game and they share laughs.

Frieda and Issa realize the Vice Principal may be a bigot.

At their next day of work, Frieda and Issa are greeted by students who were at their tutoring program. Meanwhile, Vice Principal Gaines tell a Latino student, “We speak English here. You save that Spanish for the bus.”

Frieda says she wants to write about Gaines’ negative talk about the Latino students. However, Issa wants them to ignore it due to the success of their program. Frieda asks would she be okay with this if a white man was saying those things, noting that Vice Principal Gaines is black.

Issa still wants to ignore it.

“I’m on the hook for [the after school program], I will make this work.” – Issa

They run into Gaines outside by the buses and Issa thanks him for his help. Mr. Gaines say another thing that makes Issa uncomfortable.

“You know we gotta stick together. You know, Mexicans stick together, and the Jews. You know, Latinos starting to take over around here. I remember when this school was all black.” – Vice President Gaines

He then walks off to tend to the kids at the buses, yelling out to one of them to tie their shoes and pull up their pants.

Molly still has a long way to go at work.

At Molly’s job, Molly tries to joke around with the senior partner and another lawyer she met at the hockey game. The joke doesn’t go over well.

At home, Issa stalks Tasha’s Facebook page and finds her LinkedIn page, which has her teller job listed. This entices Issa to head over to her job.

Issa lays eyes on Tasha and learns the truth about Lawrence’s feelings.

When she gets to Tasha’s job, she begins to fantasize coming face to face with Tasha. When Tasha calls her to the window, Issa tells her she wants to make a deposit, then punches her in the face.

“You got jalapeño-popped b***h!” – Issa

When Issa snaps out of it, she is just sitting in the car, pondering if she should go in. Molly is on a mission of her own. She drove to the office complex where Lawrence works to run into him. She does by a hot dog stand and they make small talk.

When the conversation turns to Issa, Molly tells him Issa feels terrible about everything. Lawrence replies, “Really?”

Molly tells him that Issa isn’t a cheater. She then asks him if he would take her back.

At the bank, Issa sees Tasha walk by and she kneels in the car not to be seen.

Molly calls her and tells her that Lawrence is done and found a new apartment.

Molly begins to contemplate her options.

Molly is on a Skype chat with Hannah in Chicago. Molly congratulates her for the move to Chicago and lends her help to Hannah if needed. Hannah can bring her into a few cases if she is open to splitting time between L.A. and Chicago. Molly is open to it and says thank you.

That night, Lawrence heads by Tasha’s apartment to apologize. He says it was wrong to sleep with Issa, but Tasha seems to be cool with it. She says they weren’t exclusive. She then asks him if he is hungry, inviting him in.

The episode ends with Issa moving clothes to Lawence’s old closet and moving herself to sleep in the middle of the bed, symbolizing she’s moving on. She then sends a reply to someone on Tinder who asks if she lives near by.

“Tryna F**k?” – Issa

She Then lays back on her bed looking up at the ceiling.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Anonymous

    July 31, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    That’s why you don’t sleep with the ex. You usually end up regretting it. I hope Issa really moves on now.

  2. Anonymous

    July 31, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    Team Tasha.

  3. Sheika

    July 31, 2017 at 7:00 pm

    I don’t think Lawrence and Tasha are going to work out longterm. She just seems like a rebound to me.

  4. Michelle

    July 31, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    I feel bad for Issa but she shouldn’t have cheated.

  5. Treasure8430

    August 1, 2017 at 8:17 am

    This was my life..at one point and like someone mentioned Issa shouldn’t have slept with Lawrence but you get caught up in “the moment” thinking things will play in your favor…Issa needs to stay up off them dating apps though she’s only gonna hurt more with comparing every dude she dates to Lawrence and eventually have a breakdown. She should focus on her work, friends and family. Get acquainted with herself again.

  6. Gabriella

    August 1, 2017 at 12:29 pm

    I feel bad for Tasha because she going to end up hurt because Lawrence just going through the motions he not serious about her. He just doesn’t want to hurt her but eventually he will either try to work it out with Issa or be alone she will never be a real option for him. Him sleeping with his ex is red flag she shouldn’t ignore.

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