Kevin Hart Goes Off

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Kevin Hart is no stranger to negative press, and just weeks ago, a major tabloid accused him of cheating on his currently pregnant wife, Eniko.

Kevin took to social media to shoot down the report, and Eniko remained unbothered and happily pregnant despite the gossip.

Now Kevin has some words for anyone who has negative opinions on his relationship.

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  1. I honestly think people have slick stuff to say because they remember that Torrei said Eniko was his mistress while they were married. Now all of them may have moved on from that but he can’t be surprised if some people haven’t. Me personally, I don’t really care. But I think that may play a huge role.

  2. This is the sh-t I don’t understand. HIs little a-s is filthy rich and has a baby on the way. Why the f-ck does he care so much what the f-ck strangers think anyway? I’d be somewhere enjoying my wealth. F-ck the bullsh-t.

    1. Exactly! He says “while you look at happy people and judge them and try to tear them down ask yourself if they give 2 sh-ts?” He obviously do since he took time to write a damn essay.

  3. He wrote a whole essay about negative comments but claims he’s happy and doesn’t care about what haters have to say. How does that make sense?

  4. The truth is he lost his mind because a handful of people weren’t praising his wife and his marriage. He needs to get over it and stop being so sensitive. He wanted fame, right?

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