Sky’s Son Genesis is Team Dutchess?

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Sky and her son Genesis have been trying to reconnect after years of being apart. However, this reconnection is far from perfect as both sides feel the other isn’t necessarily being genuine.

Genesis recently gave new insight into their evolving relationship via recent comment likes about Sky. One comment specifically was in defense of Dutchess.

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  1. I think it’s weird how some of Sky’s stans are trying to make this about Dutchess. Sky’s history with her sons or lack thereof happened long before there was a show. No need to deflect.

  2. If she was 14 y.o. when she had him I wouldn’t expect her to know how to be a good mother. Her own mother seemingly abandoned her so, where did she get the skills of motherhood from? ??‍♀️ You can’t do something you aren’t trained to do well. Laying down and getting pregnant doesn’t make you a woman or mature enough to handle the responsibility of what goes with that. I’m not a fan however, I can empathize with her situation. It seems that there’s a cycle in the family of incarceration. Skyy went to jail as well. My heart goes out to both her and her kids.

    1. I agree, her mother was not a good role model and she was only a child. What does bother me is that of course this is not about Dutchess, but she did allow her son and his father to do an interview in her shop and I think that is messy. She should have stayed out of it and there would be no black lash on her. I do believe what Dutchess did was a bit shady and out of line. Just for the record, I am not a fan of either in particular.

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