Ryan Henry Breaks Down What Really Happened with Kat

Ryan Henry, owner of 9Mag Tattoo and “Black Ink Crew Chicago” star, left many people speculating about him and Kat. For those that don’t know, earlier this season, the Black Ink Crew Chi cast was in a cabin out in the woods. During their time together, Charmaine walked in on Kat and Ryan in the bathroom.

From here, Charmaine learned from Danielle that Ryan and Kat have a past, and Charmaine began spreading that she found them together in the bathroom.

Well Ryan was on Instagram Live recently, pumping up the second half of the season. His followers began asking him about Kat, and he chose this time to clear up the rumors.

He first admitted he did cheat on his girlfriend Rachel in the past, and apologized for it. However, when it came to being in the bathroom with Kat, he refuted the rumors.

Specifically, Ryan said the following when asked about Kat:

Did I use a condom? How ’bout I ain’t f*** her. How ’bout ‘dat?

Ryan also claims that while he didn’t cheat with Kat physically, they did have an emotional affair that was disrespectful to his relationship with Rachel.

Check out the clip below.

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  1. Maybe she just gave him oral and he doesnt consider that sex. Although most people do, but anyway I cant blame her if she did have sex with his cute self! Although she is clearly a pass around!!!

  2. This is why I don’t watch this garbage anymore. There’s no morality, loyalty or genuineness in this group. It’s truly juvenile the things that are being portrayed. These ppl claim to be “family” however, they’re so destructive to each other’s person and character. I really don’t understand how they can be friends. This is definitely not my definition of how a true friend behaves. Smh ??‍♀️

  3. Ryan is definitely lying, the shade room back in 15 released pictures of him and KAT back then. And this during the first season

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