'Mary Mary' Recap: Tina & Teddy Counsel Althea & Benzino + Tina Takes Pregnancy Test
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‘Mary Mary’ Recap: Tina & Teddy Counsel Althea & Benzino + Tina Takes Pregnancy Test

Tina learns if she is pregnant, or not.

The episode opens with Tina walking out of the bathroom, with the pregnancy test in hand. Teddy comes by, surprised by this sudden development.

Tina, on the other hand, is surprised by the inconclusive result from the test. Teddy is frustrated by her taking the test, because he doesn’t want any more kids.

Due to the first one flaming out, she gets her assistant to give her another test to take, which comes back negative.

Warryn learns of another performance invitation for Mary Mary.

It’s Sunday, and Warryn is at his church preaching a sermon, and Erica is leading the choir. Tina is in attendance this morning to take in the word. Erica is proud of her husband as a pastor, and is “excited” to be a First Lady.

After the service, Tina is approached by a woman, whose daughter is in a relationship in which her husband cheated. She tells Tina that her daughter Althea and her husband Benzino have been through the same things she and Teddy have been through.

Tina is moved by this and accepts their offer to counsel Althea and Benzino.

Later on, Erica and Teddy are recapping everything that surrounded her single release. Although they are happy about having a number one record, Warryn presses Erica about writing a Mary Mary single.

Warryn feels that he can use the family to influence Erica and Tina to come around to record the song before the Israel trip.

In the studio, Warryn is visited by his good friend Marvin. He congratulates Warryn for producing Erica and Tina’s recent singles. Marvin then tells Warryn about a performance invitation in Manchester, UK. Warryn tells him that getting Erica and Tina on the same page to perform will be tough. But, he calls their booking agent to see if they can present the offer to the ladies. The booking agent agrees to tell them about the performance.

Goo Goo is asked if Tina would be interested in an alternative investment.

Goo Goo is unfortunately shutting down her fashion showroom. She says she can’t afford to keep the place open, since her gigs for styling are slowing down. When the topic gets to styling Tina, Goo Goo tells her assistants she doesn’t like working for her as a client.

Her assistant then asks if she and Tina would be interested in investing in a cannabis coffee shop she plans to open. Goo Goo isn’t really sure that’s an investment they would be willing to support, due to their image.

Erica actually managed to get Tina to come to the studio to work on their Mary Mary single. Warryn is there and asks about the song. Erica tells Warryn that the song isn’t fully written. He’s disappointed because he has the beat and the hook ready.

Their booking agent calls and tells them about the performance in the UK. He tells them that they would be the main Gospel attraction for the festival, and the ladies tell him that they love the offer. Meanwhile, Warryn is sitting in the corner smiling, because his plan is working.

Teddy and Tina counsel Althea and Benzino.

Tina and Teddy sit down with Althea and Benzino for their counseling session. Althea tells them that they wanted to sit down with them because their story inspired them to look towards Tina and Teddy for advice.

Tina asks why they are here and Althea says he’s been cheating. She tells Althea and Benzino about what she went through with Teddy. Later in the session, Althea and Benzino start arguing, and Tina decides to separate them.

In their one on one, Tina tells Althea that she doesn’t talk like she cares about him, and asks if she loves him. Teddy hears from Benzino that Althea keeps bringing up the past, and they can’t move forward. Teddy tells him that he needs to want God more in order to get his wife back.

Althea breaks down crying after the question. Althea tells Tina that she just wants a real relationship, and Tina says, “Lets start with God.”

“God’s plan doesn’t leave you out bad.” – Tina

At the end of their conversations, Althea and Benzino seem to be receptive to Teddy and Tina’s advice to put God first in their lives.

Tina uses this moment to help her understand it was God’s plan to be there for other couples, going through similar issues.

Tina accepts a second show invitation, without telling Erica.

The next day, Tina is at home cooking with her kids and their booking agent calls about another performance in Nairobi, Kenya. This concert is the day before the UK performance. Without talking it over with Erica, Tina accepts the offer. She tries to call Erica, but gets her voicemail. Tina leaves a message telling her that she said yes for both of them.

Erica gets the message about the Nairobi show. The date is on the show is the same day as her wedding anniversary. Erica and Warryn are frustrated about Tina jumping the gun.

Meanwhile, Goo Goo and her assistant take Tina to the marijuana dispensary to learn about the business offer. Tina is very uptight in the place, and Goo Goo thinks this may actually be a good idea.

As Tina sits through the presentation, she doesn’t seem interested in the proposition.

As the sisters argue over the Nairobi show, a terror attack stuns them.

When Tina gets home, she plays Teddy a message from Erica. Erica is angry about the performance in Africa. Teddy tells Tina to talk to Erica and find some understanding.

Tina takes his advice and invites Erica out for coffee. She’s going to try to convince her about the trip to Africa. When Erica tells her that the performance is the same day as her anniversary, Tina replies. “It’s not my job to know.”

Their conversation changes when Erica gets a message about the terrorist attack that occurred at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK. They aren’t sure the concert will still happen, however, Tina still feels they should go.

“Me and God are still going to Manchester.” – Tina

Erica gets home that night and tells Warryn about the terror attack, and she is completely worried about her safety. Warryn isn’t comfortable with them going on the trip.

The episode ends with Warryn asking Tina if they have to go to Manchester now.


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1 Comment

  1. Jasmine

    October 14, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    This show has gotten so fake.

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