‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Heavenly Strikes out with Miss Lucy + Jackie Ponders Reunion with Curtis

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Married to Medicine,” Heavenly’s attempt at making peace with Miss Lucy ends in disappointment.

Dr. Jackie ponders giving Curtis a second chance.

And Quad declares her independence after her blowup with Gregory.

Here’s a recap of “Mama Drama.”

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  1. Quad is doing to much & it’s sad. It’s Mariah’s party she can wear what she wants, DUH. Glad Jackie going to talk to Curtis before she kicks him to the curb. Simone getting on my nerves acting like a wouss, what is all the drama about after 20 years if you need to know if he loves you then ask him, what they need to do is get rid of that extra house, right now…. Some things after decades you just get used to.

  2. I don’t care for Mariah and her mother like that but I can understand why Ms Lucy didn’t accept Heavenly’s apology. She knew it was some bullsh-t. It’s insane how she wanted to call voodoo evil when she’s evil her damn self. I can’t stand Heavenly. She’s the only one of the show who makes me side with Mariah.

  3. I agree! Dr. Heavenly is an mean and evil person. I get sick and tired of hearing about her so called spiritual Journey. That woman is full of sh*t and irritating as hell! Even her own family seems annoyed by her. For some reason I don’t think Simone is as innocent in this situation with her husband as she appears to be, we all know she has a mouth on her as well. Quad buying a $170,000 is just down right foolish! Yeah its her money but that’s a house in Georgia! You don’t even know if u gonna be with ur husband atleast make sure u can take care of urself on ur own first. I really like Contessa she seems like a genuinely nice person. She brings a lighter side to the show but that maid or nanny whatever she is gives me the Florence off of The Jeffersons Vibe. she is so disrespectful and so embarrassing! I was hurting for Contessa last night. I am a firm believer that when people get drunk they speak the truth and that woman really feels she is a Dr.b**** who thinks she is better than her. that woman is bitter and jealous not to mention lazy for not cooking or doing hair etc when u suppose to be the nanny. One episode contessa literally came home from work and had to cook for her kids because the nanny claim she doesn’t cook that would have been her last day of work. If she worked for me.

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