One of Fetty Wap’s Alleged Baby Mamas Vents

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

While Fetty Wap has been busy searching for his next big hit, the mothers of his multiple children have been dealing with drama of their own. Much of the drama centers around his behavior, which resulted in him having more children on the way.

This includes one of the mothers, Lezhaz Zeona calling out Fetty for lying to her about getting Alexis Sky pregnant.

Amid all of this, another (alleged) baby mama openly wonders why Fetty’s kids didn’t spend time with one another during Christmas.

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  1. What did you think was going to happen when a man has multiple children by multiple women? I would be more concerned with what I can control at this point. And that is making sure my child is raised with a sense of security and morals. It’s really not that deep. I don’t get the need to be part of a harem and raising your kids like you all are polygamist. Just take care of your child and let the other mothers worry about their own. I mean really, what were these womens’ expectations?

  2. The article fails to tell us what number baby mama is she. If she’s not the first then she really shouldn’t even be commenting on why his herd of kids don’t spend time with each other

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