Alexis Skyy Slams Fetty Wap + Masika Throws Some Shade

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Alexis Sky is trending on Twitter because she had plenty to say about her ex and baby daddy Fetty Wap on social media.

And many have taken to social media to make it clear that they have no sympathy for Alexis, including Masika Kalysha.

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  1. Masika annoys me because she really doesn’t understand that she and Alexis are cut from the same cloth. Fetty doesn’t respect any of these women and they will have a life full of stress and disappointment for having children with him.

    1. Masika really thinks she’s on a higher level than Alexis when they literally are on the same island. It’s kind of hilarious how delusional she is.

  2. Masika needs to shut her a-s up because she played herself as well. Let’s not forget Fetty wasn’t even claiming her daughter at first. He called her a one night stand who was supposed to use a Plan B pill but tricked him because she saw dollar signs. Does she think we forgot that sh-t?

  3. Exactly he’s has not Once DENIED Alexis’ Daughter. He will has always claimed Alexis. Masika barely gets child support and he bought Alexis a spa and rented her a house in Atlanta.

  4. Maybe it’s just me but both Alexis and Masika had babies for the wrong reasons. Masika wanted a pay day/relevance and Alexis wanted to get even with Masika. Both of them lost.

  5. Did Masika forget she went to court for child support and had to force him to take a DNA test? She’s such a weirdo. He dogs all of his baby mamas out. That’s well documented. They are all losing.

  6. Exactly, Masika needs to shut up. I guess she forgot he didn’t claim her or her child until she was due, she went thru the whole thing alone. He has to many babies and bmama’s for her to do anything but, stand in line. For real, she’s not special and she needs to accept this and go get a life and stop wasting time cause all she proved was she’s as dumb as the rest. Next…

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