Tamar Braxton Says She Isn’t as Messy as People Believe

Tamar Braxton feels like it’s a huge difference between beefing with family members versus beefing with friends.

Her most notable beef is with her former friend Toya Johnson.

Toya felt like Tamar was blocking her from making appearances on “The Real.”

Tamar denied this but that didn’t stop them from having so nasty exchanges on social media.

Despite this, Tamar said she isn’t a “combative person,” despite what many may think.

Here’s what she said on “Uncensored”:

People expect me to be dramatic and mean and pick on people because they think that’s what I do with my siblings because I give them a lot of unsolicited advice.

You know, when you argue with your family members, it’s so much different than when you’re arguing with one of your friends.

So people expect for me to be, you know, combative with other people and I’m not like that at all, actually. I’m the total opposite.

And every beef that has come up, I have been the one to extend the olive branch, you know? It’s just astonishing for me that some of the beefs that have occurred, I learned about it when everybody else did.

You know, like some of my (does air quotes) friends writing books and doing interviews about me, and I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, what happened? We was just about to go on vacation last month now.’

I just can’t pay it any attention, can’t let that negativity stifle my growth and get in the way of my path. I can’t do that anymore.

Check out the video below:

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  1. Hmm didn’t we just see Tamar slander Laura Govan and still not apologize? And didn’t she invite Khia and Ts Madison to her performance at the Xscape concert to be messy?

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