Cardi B & Azealia Banks Beef, Again

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The Cardi B and Azealia beef continues. Azealia once called out Cardi B, saying she slept with producers and rappers for tracks.

Cardi B’s career continues to surge as she remains to be a force on the charts, despite the beef.

Azealia Banks thinks that her complexion helps her a lot, and Cardi thinks that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As a result, they have been exchanging jabs on social media.

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  1. Not a fan of A Banks but she is talented musically. Not a fan of Cardi either but A Banks she told the truth in that first post.

  2. Azealia is a nut but SOMETIMES she says the truth. Cardi is my boo but she’s making a mistake taking so long to release her album.The longer she waits, the greater chance of it flopping. That’s what happened to Remy. She dropped Shether and took forever to drop an album. Now all her singles keep flopping. People have moved on to Cardi. So Cardi came up and surpassed her. Time waits for nobody. She has to drop it before Nicki comes back. That’s just how it is.

    1. I think Remy is flopping because of karma. She lied and said Nicki shaded her on that Gucci song but she was actually shading Azealia. She went on a whole publicity tour playing victim when she started everything to bump up her career. She also used a child’s rape as a rap diss against Nicki. Now Remy’s sister is on the blogs for shooting a woman in North Carolina recently. That vindictive and petty stuff will always catch up to you. Cardi didn’t have to do any of that so her karma is better. Cardi even talked about how she tries to keep her karma good because she understands the law of attraction. I hope Nicki learns from all of this too and works on her nasty attitude before she comes back. Sorry for rambling.

      1. I agree with all of this. Karma does not forget anybody. Remy kept bringing up Nicki’s brother and now her sister caught a case.

  3. The pressure is on Cardi. A lot of people are anxious to see if she can sell albums. If she released it in the next couple of months, I think she’d do well. But people have short attention spans for new artists. She has to be careful.

  4. Why is she on Cosmo already with no album out yet? I feel like people are rushing to make this girl a super star and this may slap her in the face later if she can’t live up to expectations.

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