DJ Envy Checks Desus & Mero + Walks off During Interview

Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“The Breakfast Club” radio personality DJ Envy is currently trending on Twitter and it’s all because an interview with Desus and Mero went left.

Envy took the opportunity to check both TV/podcast personalities about past comments they made about his wife Gia Casey.

After he was able to get an apology from both, he then later walked off during the remainder of the interview.

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  1. Didn’t Envy and his wife put all of their business out there though? You can’t tell the world your business and then get mad when they have an opinion about it.

  2. What I’ve noticed is Envy, Charlamagne and Angela can dish it but they can’t take it. No sympathy whatsoever for any of them when they get back what they put out on a daily basis.

  3. He did the absolute most. They apologized so he should have been professional and moved on with the interview.

  4. I’m not surprised since Envy is known to be sensitive and hold grudges. It just amazes me how family is so important to him now yet he’s been unfaithful. Like, I don’t know. Maybe you appreciate your family more when you get your rocks off with someone else and have to apologize publicly. *shrug*

  5. I seriously don’t give a sh-t. If he never cheated on his wife in the first place, they wouldn’t have had sh-t to talk about.

  6. Envy needs to man up. As much trash as they talk about everyone else on Breakfast Club, he should have much thicker skin.

  7. I think Envy walked off because he felt like Angela and Charlamagne dd not have his back. They went right on with the interview like nothing happened (like they were supposed to).

  8. Desus and Mero handled it maturely, apologized and said it won’t happen again. So why did Envy walk off anyway? Very unprofessional.

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