‘Dear White People’ Season Two Spoilers & Discussion

Photo Credit: Netflix

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Season two of “Dear White People” has been a hot topic on social media since its release.

The season tackled the rise of the alt right movement, as well as how online racism can impact one in real life.

Then of course, the character development for all of the characters this time around is well appreciated as well.

Warning, spoilers ahead.

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    1. Me too. She’s so beautiful. I don’t like that Reggie only wanted her after Sam didn’t want him.

    2. True but I think they make it seem that way to touch on colorism in the black community. Like Joelle and Sam are both beautiful but a lot of the black male characters only see Sam.

    1. I started to piece it together. It became clear that whoever was behind the account was around Sam and Lionel often.

  1. Coco is my favorite character. I know it’s messed up to say but I’m glad she had an abortion. I didn’t want her to go out like a stereotype.

    1. She made a choice. Either she was going to go after her dreams or have to live vicariously through her child. That was deep.

  2. I loved the season. Lionel is my fav, followed by Troy. I’m also glad Joelle got her own episode.

  3. I was worried this season would be blah but I enjoyed it. Coco continues to be my girl and I think Joelle needed to hear what that hotep said about Sam. She is not a number two. And she needed to know that.

  4. The only thing I didn’t care for was the ending. I expected more because of the buildup. But I think season three should be great now that they know there really is a black secret society.

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