WTF? Sway Calloway Tells Rapper He Alienated Non Black Women with Black Women Praise

Photo Credit: MTV/Youtube

By: A.J. Niles

“Sway in the Morning” show host Sway Calloway drew plenty of ire and disdain towards himself on social media after an interview he conducted on MTV’s TRL.

During the interview with up and coming rapper Nick Grant, Sway asked him about a song he put out honoring black women in his family. Sway ends up tells Nick he alienated non-black women in the song and asks if he would date a non-black woman.

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    1. It’s crazy isn’t it? It’s like the higher up they make it in the industry, the more they become anti black women.

  1. Black women can’t have anything to ourselves. We are the only race of women who are expected to share praise. Ain’t that some sh-t?

  2. I wish people would stand by the ignorance that they put out. They should not have deleted the video. If that’s how he feels, make him own it. That way we can choose to no longer support Sway. I hate that this was swept up under the rug.

  3. F-ck Sway. He’s just mad not everyone buys into the idea that black women are inferior like he does.

  4. I’m completely disgusted but not surprised that another black man has tried to marginalize or minimize black women this ish is ridiculous smh.

  5. But black women have always been ignored and left out. Wtf is sway talking about? Does he treat his mother like she don’t matter either?

  6. I’ve never liked this dude. Looks like I got it right. Something about him seemed very c–nish. When ya know, ya know I guess.

  7. I find it so strange when BLK men who wouldn’t be welcomed into the brown paper bag club. Spite so much hate against BLACK WOMEN. The world is already against us. Us DARKSKIN WOMEN have to give 120% to be respected and still we are the LAST picked and FRIST TO BE SHUNNED. SWAY ur MAMA shouldn’t CLAIM YOU RIGHT NOW B/C U OBVIOUSLY HATE HER AND THUS YOURSELF.

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