Watch: Lily Throws Drink, Attacks Junior in Jamaica on Tonight’s ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’

Lily, “Black Ink Crew Chicago” star, has been quick to resolve issues with her hands this season. She put her hands on both Charmaine and Danielle in earlier episodes.

Although Lily squashed her beef with the cousins, her beef with Junior is far from over.

When Lily arrives with the rest of Loyal Ink in Jamaica to surprise Phor, they receive a surprise of their own. They catch Phor at the same street party with Ryan, and his 9 Mag manager Junior.

Seeing Junior drunk sent Lily over the edge. Ryan and Junior see Loyal Ink arrive and Junior keeps drunkenly saying their name, as Phor calls over Danielle say hello.

When Junior pours his beer onto the street, Ryan tries to calm him own. At this point, Lily’s seeing red. She points out in her green screen interview that she feels Junior and his girlfriend have been taunting her on social media.

At the end of the clip, Lily runs over and throws her own drink on Junior and his girlfriend. As we all know, this leads to her getting hit in the face.

Check out the episode preview below.

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