Soulja Boy Accused of Physically Abusing Nia Riley?

soulja boy and nia riley
Photo Credit: Instagram

During the Thanksgiving holiday, one of Soulja Boy’s SODMG associates apparently had enough of the “Crank Dat” rapper.

In a now deleted Instagram post, the SODMG associate put Soulja Boy on blast. Not only did he say Soulja Boy is broke, but he turned his back on him after an apparent robbery. The most scathing bit of information in the rant is that Soulja Boy was accused of abusing “Nia.”

Specifically, the associate said the following:

“…When you used to b*** on Nia and throw lil temper tantrum and s*** because you wasn’t a man about s***.”

At this point, neither Soulja Boy nor Nia Riley responded to the allegations.

Check out the allegations below.soulja boy and nia riley


While the accusations haven’t been confirmed, Soulja Boy did threaten Nia with a gun in a video two years ago. However, he later claimed that the gun was fake.

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