‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Charmaine Demands VH1 Fires Lily Over N-Word Usage

charmaine from black ink chicago
Photo Credit: VH1

Lily from “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” is easily one of the most controversial cast members.

As we reported in the past, she has no issue using the N-word when she feels good and ready.

And it’s resulted in some backlash on social media.

However, backlash has done nothing to convince Lily that the word should be off-limits for her.

So when she once again got into with Jenn hours ago, it’s one of the words she used during the confrontation.

She called Jenn the N-word while being restrained.

You can check out the video below.


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While some feel it’s not an issue for Lily to use the word since she’s Mexican, others take issue with it.

And one of those people is Charmaine.

She is calling for Lily to be fired.

What are your thoughts?

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