Van Shades Jenn?

van from black ink
Photo Credit: VH1

When it comes to Van and Jenn’s relationship, it’s been tested quite a bit over the years.

And Jenn hasn’t walked away because of her love for Van and desire for marriage.

Although Van hasn’t been open to marriage much, he agreed to it after he confirmed sleeping with Evenita.

Jenn was hurt by the revelation but figured marriage could provide some kind of cure to their problems.

After the group made it to a Vegas chapel, Van called off the wedding at the altar. Jenn was upset but made it clear that she was only testing Van.

She knew he would not go through with the ceremony. And that made him weak in her opinion.

Fans have been calling Van out for his actions on Instagram.

He may have thrown a little shade at Jenn in one of his clap backs, too.

Check out the screenshots below.

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