'Claws' Recap: Desna Must Repay the Triads in 24 Hours + Ann Learns About Arlene's Demise


‘Claws’ Recap: Desna Must Repay the Triads in 24 Hours + Ann Learns About Arlene’s Demise

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Claws Season 3 Episode 8

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Desna, Mac, and Melba are confronted by Benedict Liu.

The episode begins in Mac and Melbas’s office with Arlene’s body lying on the ground. The Triad’s Benedict Liu wants answers for the Governor’s headlines.

Benedict gives Mac, Melba and Desna twenty-four hours to return 3 million dollars to the Triads before they all face the same fate as Arlene.

After he leaves, the trio panics and Desna’s left with making a choice. Arlene gets a text from Ann, to which Desna replies. Ann’s put in pause when Desna responds to Ann’s text to Arlene, calling Ann honey. After Desna leaves, Melba reminds Mac of their plan to take Dean’s Mahjong earnings if he wins the tournament, keeping Mac focused.

Meanwhile, Bryce and Jenn are dealing with the aftermath of fighting white supremacists at Bryce’s book signing. Their van gets vandalized, sprayed with the words “Race Traitor.” Brenda pops upon them as well but Jenn still wants nothing to do with her.

A mob led by Bryce’s publisher threatened to vandalize Uncle Daddy’s rehab.

Desna spreads the word of Arlene’s demise to Poly and Roller, telling them not to let Ann find out about anything. Poly gets instructions to learn what Joe’s going to do with Arlene’s body. Roller and Desna head to Uncle Daddy for help and money. Meanwhile, white supremacists appear in MAGA hats and tiki torches at Uncle Daddy’s Jewish Center ready for another fight.

The mob is led by Bryce’s publisher. Bryce comes out to speak but it just leads to mob getting ready to attack. Luckily, a cop comes over to stop the impending violence, calling them away.

Ann falls asleep in the hotel and she dreams about Arlene. They try to reach out to one another but Ann can’t grab Arlene’s hand. Arlene then fades away.

As Bryce, Jenn, and Virginia deal with the white supremacists, Ann calls Desna in a panic about Arlene. Ann wants to go look for her but Desna pleads with Ann to stay where she is. However, Ann decides to leave anyway.

Desna and Uncle Daddy decide to work together.

It’s decided between Uncle Daddy, Desna and Roller that they go after Chad at his plantation, get rid of Chad and take his confederate memorabilia to pay off the Triads. Meanwhile, Benedict is at the mahjong table getting to know Dean.

Mac and Melba learn of Desna’s plan and they give her their blessing. While Ann heads into the casino looking for Desna, Poly learns from Joe that he’s planning to kill Governor Patel. She offers to help but Joe wants to keep her in the dark about it.

However, their plans change when someone shows up to the Governor’s “s*x dungeon,” so they hide.

Melba, Roller and Uncle Daddy head to Chad’s plantation. They concocted a story about carjackings in their neighborhood. They keep Chad busy as they talk about race. Meanwhile, Desna leads Bryce, Jenn, and Virginia to steal the memorabilia in Chad’s home.

Ann made it to the police precinct and runs into Arlene’s lieutenant. She tells Ann Arlene’s on call on a secret assignment. When Ann leaves, Arlene’s lieutenant calls Benedict, who’s at the table with Dean. She tells him Anne was just there. Benedict tells her to keep him posted. Dean tells Benedict more about Desna. They take a selfie together and Dean calls Benedict a friend.

Benedict texts Desna the photo, telling her time is ticking and she panics. However, she sticks to their plan to steal from Chad. Uncle Daddy and Roller are doing their best to keep Chad on the front porch talking with Melba.

While in a bedroom, Bryce and Virginia hide from Chad’s housekeeper.

Chad invites his guests to join his new “club,” where they wear red MAGA hats instead of white hoods.

Desna and Jenn didn’t make out as lucky. They end up staring down the barrel of a shotgun held by the housekeeper. Fortunately, Virginia comes in and knocks her out. Jenn finds 6 gold bars and steals them.

Dean gets a guest that looks surprisingly like Virginia.

At his hotel room and Dean hired an escort and she’s dressed exactly like Virginia. She’s helping Dean organize his snacks and he calls her Virginia the whole time. She offers to have s*x with him but, he just wants her company. Meanwhile, Ann’s leaving a heartfelt message on Arlene’s voicemail not realizing she’s won’t get it.

Joe and Polly enter into the dungeon to take out the Governor but he fights back and ends up tasing Joe. Poly jumps in to help Joe get the upper hand in suffocating him. One the job’s done, Poly stares out of surprise.

The crew succeeds in robbing Chad but they pay a heavy toll.

Chad walks into the home at a break in their conversation and discovers Desna and the crew raiding his home. Everyone makes a break for it with Mac driving the getaway van but he gets shot in the chest by Chad as he drives away.

Poly cries in Joe’s arms as she’s finally embracing her dark side. Both then declare their love for one another.

Everyone makes it to the clinic and carries Mac inside for Ken to help. Unfortunately, Ken’s unable to save Mac’s life and he passes away in Melba’s crying arms.

Uncle Daddy returns to his clinic where Brenda set up an impromptu date for them. As she helps clean up Uncle Daddy, Uncle Daddy tells her he doesn’t want to hurt anyone he loves. Brenda seemingly understands his goals of becoming better.

At the Casino, Desna and Melba drag in the gold bars and memorabilia. Melba tries to attack Benedict but Desna drags her away. Benedict tells Desna that she must kill Melba.

The episode ends with Desna walking out of the casino bloody and recapping everything that got her to this point. Ann then presses Desna at her condo about Arlene, learning Ann and Arlene got hitched. Desna breaks the bad news to Ann.

As Ann cries out, Desna tells her that Mac killed Arlene.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Lauren

    July 29, 2019 at 9:36 am

    Okay it just got real now. I just don’t know how Desna is going to pull this one off. I feel bad for Ann but if she would have kept her mouth closed, Arlene would still be alive.

    • Dale

      July 29, 2019 at 10:10 am

      I really enjoy this show but I feel that it is losing its focus and too many people are starting to die. It is turning all of them into killers

  2. Kim

    July 29, 2019 at 6:34 pm

    Why oh why did you have to get political? This WAS my favorite show, I looked forward to each season and every episode. NO MORE you crossed the line.

    • Freckles

      July 29, 2019 at 7:06 pm

      Because those are serious times. If you don’t take a stand you’re complicit in this racist fascist fraudulent government.

      • CAROLINA

        July 30, 2019 at 3:39 pm

        Exactly. Great show!

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