RHOP Recap: Ashley Finds out She’s Pregnant + Karen Moves Forward with La’ Dame

RHOP Season 4 Episode 18
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Ashley is pregnant, Karen is prepping her launch.

Ashley thinks she could be pregnant. She took a pregnancy test and it was positive. While in the car with Michael on the way to the doctor’s office, she tells Michael she “pleased herself” the other day and got bad cramps afterward. So she knows this could be the real deal. However, she did have a  miscarriage in the past. So she’s nervous about everything.

Karen comes by to check on Monique. They discuss what happened on the trip. Karen says she hopes her peace treaty with Gizelle will last. But she’s not confident it will. Regardless, Karen is inviting everyone to her fragrance reveal. In a green screen interview, Monique says she hopes the fragrance is real so Karen can shut down her haters.

They discuss Ashley. Karen says they made up in the Cayman Islands. However, she does have doubts about Michael’s innocence amid the allegations. Karen is just happy she could be honest with Ashley. And she’s glad everything has been put on the table.

Ashley and Michael arrive at the doctor’s office. She gets an ultrasound and the doctor confirms she is indeed pregnant. She’s about six weeks pregnant. And the couple gets to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Ashley’s due date is July 2nd. Both Ashley and Michael are elated.

Candiace is ready to be independent.

Robyn and Gizelle meet up at Gizelle’s new house. Gizelle knows she has a lot of work to do to renovate it. They then discuss Juan. Robyn and Juan have agreed to get matching tattoos. Robyn says they will do this instead of getting remarried for now. In a green screen interview, she jokes that this is cheaper than buying an engagement ring so Juan should be thankful. Karen’s upcoming La Dame event is discussed. Gizelle still isn’t convinced Karen owns the business herself.

Candiace and Chris call up Dorothy. They have been working on their new budget. The couple feels like it’s time for them to start paying the entire mortgage by themselves. Dorothy thanks this is a great idea. In a green screen interview, Candice says paying $1200 more a month is worth the peace of mind. Before hanging up, Dorothy says she feels like Candiace tries to compete with her sometimes. Candiace gets annoyed and calmly says she’s not trying to compete with a 50 something-year-old woman.

Ashley tells Sheila the good news.

Juan and Robyn take the kids to the tattoo shop. They decide to get hearts on their ring fingers. In a green screen interview, Robyn says the kids know they are divorced but this will show them that she and Juan are committed to each other. After they finish, they FaceTime Gizelle and show her their new tattoos. Since the tattoos are on the inside of their fingers, Gizelle says that Juan needs to put an actual ring on Robyn’s finger if he’s truly committed.

Ashley’s mother Shelia comes over to catch up and do a yoga session. Ashley surprises her with the baby news. She gives her a pregnancy test. Sheila is so happy to learn Ashley is pregnant. She gives Ashley a big hug and breaks down in tears. Sheila can’t believe it when she sees the sonogram.

Karen delivers.

Karen has her fragrance launch party. As the ladies roll in, Candiace and Karen are surprised to see Katie there. Kate looks great and refreshed from the trip from the drama. When Ashley gets there, she speaks and tells Karen she’s just going to get some water. In a green screen interview, she says she’s not going to tell the ladies she’s pregnant yet. She doesn’t feel like they’ve been supportive lately. Gizelle and Robyn take a look at Karen’s bottle design. In a green screen interview, Gizelle says she’s not sure if Karen only has one bottle to show. At the point, the women get to smell the scent. Gizelle and Ashley say the scene is for older women in their green screen interviews. Monique says she loves it.

Gizelle pulls Karen to the side and says she’s very proud of her. In a green screen interview, Karen says she accepts that and they are frenemies. As the women continue to interact, Gizelle notices Ashley is drinking water. She says it’s rare that you don’t see Ashley drinking a Corona at a social event. So Robyn asks Ashley if she’s pregnant. Ashley says no but Gizelle and Robyn say they aren’t buying this in their green screen interviews. When Karen makes her speech and reveals La Dame. She says it will be making its pop up debut in a major retail chain soon. While she doesn’t name the store, the producers confirm it is Bloomingdales during the end of the season updates.

Candiace and Chris are paying their own mortgage. Plus, Candiace is back on awful terms with Dorothy. They now have to communicate through Chris. Robyn sold her flip house and made a $36,000 profit.  She’s also moving closer to getting remarried to Juan. Gizelle has moved into her house and rumored to have rekindled her romance with her ex-husband.

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