‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Jessica Has a Very Tense Meeting with Miss Kitty

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Charmaine is already having some drama at her new tattoo shop, 2nd City Ink. First Fly Tatted and Zach had a huge blowup that nearly got physical. After the altercation, Zach decided to go back home to Ohio. The situation popped off after Zach felt some type of way about Draya dancing on Fly. Zach and Draya had been dating on the low.

Now there is tension between Miss Kitty and Jessica. Charmaine decided to bring Kitty on to help her at the shop after her mother’s death, but Kitty is rubbing Jessica the wrong way. And Kitty told Jessica that she is the new manager at the shop.

On the upcoming episode of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” Charmaine tells Jessica that Kitty is not the manager. And she is only going to be there to help temporarily. So this leads to a very tense conversation between Jessica and Kitty.

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