WE tv Releases First Look at Heated Conversation Before Egypt & Brianna’s GUHH Altercation

Egypt Criss GUHH Season 5
Photo Credit: We TV

On tonight’s GUHH, Briana and Egypt have their long-awaited showdown at Lil Twist’s pajama party.

Briana and Egypt initially have a sitdown but Egypt’s on the defensive and things quickly escalate. When Briana says that she’s not the girl she met, Egypt gets angry.

In her green screen, Egypt says she’s tired of being bullied by Briana. When they put hands in one another’s faces, they stand and begin a staredown. It’s at this point that the rest of the cast notices that something is about to pop off.

Egypt said that “Trepa” would come out if Briana wasn’t careful. And things did get violent.

Check out the clip below.

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